This Trans Artist Collected 200 Gallons Of Urine To Protest Trump | Video

So punk rock, love it! Cassils you’re such a stud.

VICE News — On February 22nd, Donald Trump rescinded the rules of trans students that gave them the choice to choose the bathroom they chose based on the gender with which they identified. Cassils, a performance artist (who happens to be trans), went decided to make a statement with a durational act: as if to hold their piss, they collected their own urine for 200 days in order to finally place it all in one glass cube at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in NYC. The process, which was at times awkward, was also precarious. After a couple of days the urine becomes a biohazard, so Cassils had to develop a plan to store the urine across multiple locations in Los Angeles in hopes that they could preserve it safely and ship it across country to New York. There are many components to Cassils artist statement, one of them was the pseudoscience of alchemy: “How do we take the seeds of things that we believe that are possible and beautiful about this culture reenact them in a time where they really feel like they’re slipping through the cracks? When we think of the idea of alchemy of turning what you have into gold on some level this is a way of looking at the dire political situation we’re in right now. And thinking about the possibility for transformation not just in terms of transformation as a trans person, but how do we take this dire situation we’ve been dealt and how do we turn it into something of worth again?”

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It was an insane day. Scorching heat above 100 degrees. I, the amazing studio slut @derekcornz, and my friend @mwwrites loaded 200 gallons of piss, collected from six fridges, stored in friends garages, living rooms and studios across Los Angeles. We then brought all several hundred bottles back to my backyard where we assembled them into 50 gallon tanks for transport. With mild sun stroke and the added craziness of the VICE news team following us, at 8:30 pm we wrapped and drank a cold beer ( we started at 7 am). 😅🔥😷PHEW!!!!! Thank you so much to @thesnowmercy – who broke the preservative code with her Bio Chem/ dom skills and all the amazing generous folks who let me store piss in their spaces @andycampy @msjenniferlocke @stegersaurus9 @ameliagjones6005 @pauldonald5 @amandamarsalis . Special thank you to my wife for putting up with me pissing in a bucket day and night for the last 200 days. Thank you to those who donated urine to make up for the 30 days I was out of the city: @martinnepton @ponylee1102 @werk_out @msjenniferlocke @stegersaurus9 @mwwrites @kpepe @barberian_gayblade @jparr @derekcornz @artmaxquigley @lori.woodley @hausofmarsian @michaelgamble @kathleenhenderson @catpeternelle @alexasher7 @cristymichel and deanie. Thank you also to @robynpix who documented the whole day and took this pic!!

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