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The company is Beard Gains and you should check them out! “This company is a culmination of hipster, attitude, tats, and grit. We offer offer beard care products and merchandise at an affordable price without ever sacrificing quality. We proudly presenting all of our 75+ beard combs made right here in the USA.”
“Our beard oils are made with the finest blends of ingredients and it took close to 2 years to perfect all six of our oils as each one has up to 18 different oils in each bottle.  One single ingredient in our “Valhalla Beard Oil, which we will boastfully admit, contains a very generous amount of a very pricey East Indian Sandalwood, costing us $1,000 a bottle.” Beard Gains
The owner of Beard Gains, Zach Stephenson,  tells me, “Being the owner of a beard company is something I’ve always wanted to do… but I always realized there is more to life than being successful.  That is why I started  This is a project where I custom create hats and then donate them to non-profit cancer organizations to help them raise awareness for their cancer organization.  It’s the same concept as color awareness wristbands… but what I like to call it, A LOT MORE AWARENESS!”
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Check out a few of our favorite beard combs below. See all of them here Beard Comb and at

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