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New Music “Wanting It All” by Stephen Leonard is Swoon Worthy: Watch Video

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What a great day to have stumbled onto huge talent, I just came smack dab, face to face via the internet with Chicago singer-songwriter, Stephen Leonard. I roll out the red carpet for Stephen to all of the Accidental Bear readers, who, after watching his new video for “Wanting It All” below, will welcome him with fuzzy open arms (and perhaps a stuffy).

STEPHEN LEONARD is an out Chicago singer-songwriter, music producer/promoter, proud member of the Chicago Gay Hockey Association and advocate for LGBTQ issues. His original music and community efforts have garnered Midwest and national recognition for projects appearing online, on television and in film.

In his new album, HIS FIRE, Leonard showcases a deep evolution in his voice, songwriting and producing from his 2010 home-recorded debut album, WITH A PEN.

“His Fire is a personal collection of confrontations,” says Leonard. “When I started writing this album, I was drawn to the physical and emotional effects and fears of fire and its parallel relationship to man. Both can be warm and giving. Both can be strong and attractive. And both can be rather impulsive and even seen as threatening. Every song on this record is me confronting the fire and digging beneath the flames.”

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Leonard’s passion for powerful music and individuality has helped pioneer a growing and supportive community of singers and songwriters in Chicago and has produced and hosted concerts and events that have helped raise thousands of dollars for various causes. In 2011, Leonard received the Windy City Times’ 30 Under 30 Award for his outstanding contributions to the Chicago LGBTQ music and sports communities.


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