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The Sidekicks – “Don’t Feel Like Dancing” Music Video

“Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by The Sidekicks from the album ‘Happiness Hours,’ available May 18th Pre-order at Director: Nathan LaGuardia

The video for “Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is a prime example of what The Sidekicks achieve on their fifth album, Happiness Hours. The song starts off like a downtrodden ballad, with vocalist Steve Ciolek backed solely by an acoustic guitar and warmblingly plaintive. But when “Don’t Feel Like Dancing” finally bursts open about a minute in, the band’s bouncing major chords reframe Ciolek’s claims. The video matches the song’s upward trajectory and general theme about walking the tightrope between nostalgia for your past and living in the present moment. At times, Ciolek is decked out in full clown makeup, and at others, he’s content to carry around the parts of his past self that still suit him and don’t look too ridiculous. NOISEY