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The Penis Is A Dipstick For The Male Health (VIDEO)


My penis is a dipstick of all kinds; health check, pleasure stick and also my best friend. Here Dr. Oz talks about how a penis is a dipstick for the male health.

Television personality and health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz told HuffPost Live Monday that libido — or lack thereof — can provide a glimpse into the overall state of a man’s health.

“The penis is a dipstick for the male health,” Oz told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff and Alyona Minkovski. “If it’s not able to get erect, it’s a reflection that the cells that allow blood to engorge that organ aren’t working in other parts of the body; they’re not working in your kidneys, not working in your heart, your brain, your skin — there are lots of issues going on.” MORE

Watch the Full Interview with Dr. Oz on HuffPost Live.

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