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The Original Grizzly Bear Jacket: It’s Not a Costume, It’s a Lifestyle (Kickstart Video)

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As the old First Nations saying goes,  “When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it.”

Does this relate to Griz Coat in any way? The answer is no. But we thought we’d share it with you because it contained the word “bear”.

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What the???

Welcome to Griz Coat, the original grizzly bear jacket.

The concept behind it is straightforward. Last Halloween, a couple of us wanted to wear a grizzly bear jacket, but we couldn’t find one for sale that looked realistic at all. We weren’t going for the cartoonish mascot look, we wanted to look like we were actually donning a grizzly bear. We’re talking about a realistic-looking head, claws and fur. The closest thing we could find were coats made from real grizzly bears for, like,  two thousand bucks.  Ummm…no thanks for a lot of reasons.

So, we ended up having a professional costume designer create a couple coats from scratch. Once we wore them, a bunch of people said they wanted one, so we made a second small batch.  Then the same thing happened with the second batch…more people were asking where we got it and had a tough time believing we had them custom made.  So here we are, asking the Kickstarter community: “WHO ELSE WANTS A GRIZ COAT?” This is where you reply “I DO”.  Because if you’ve read this far, you probably want one (or you’re just a friend who’s about to contribute $1.50).

Please note that the Griz Coat is highly appropriate for: Halloween, Bay to Breakers, Monday morning meetings, most weddings, Tuesday morning meetings, high school reunions, and first dates.

What Are We Doing With the Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all?

What we’ve done so far:

  • A professional designer has produced two different iterations of the coat.  Kinks have been worked out.  Blueprints have been made.
  • All materials have been sourced, and their prices have been negotiated with the wholesalers.
  • Manufacturing and assembly partners have been tested and selected.

Why we need some kickstarting:

Basically, we’ve done all the necessary legwork, and our only roadblock is that the materials and manufacturing are expensive. This is why we can’t do things the traditional way (i.e. front all the money, make a bunch of coats, and hope people want them), and why we need the Kickstarter community to step up. So we’ll be using the funds to buy materials and get Griz Coats manufactured for anyone who wants one.

But it can’t be that expensive, right?  We thought the same thing until we started researching how much the materials cost, especially the fur.  And once we have all the materials ready to go, then we have to pay someone to do the cutting/stitching/assembly by hand right here in America.  That’s right, Griz Coat is HAND-MADE IN THE USA, which is probably appealing to some, not-so-appealing to others, but definitely justifies the $200 sticker price!

Photo: a dude taking a photo of a dude

Product Description

  • Faux fur: ultra soft, incredibly-realistic fabric
  • Bear-head hood: shockingly lightweight, with a comfortable foam interior; plus, it’s detatchable, in case you need to wear it in a more formal setting
  • Eyes, teeth, claws and nose: striking resemblance to the real-deal
  • Reinforced over-stitching: double the strength, double the fun
  • One size fits most: we’ve had people anywhere from 5’6″ to 6’3″ wear it comfortably

Photo: bears are lazy, so they wait for buses too

Need we say more? Be a part of bear coat history, and please pledge whatever your bank account can bear.**

**please note that we fired our copy-writer for that last line


Photos by Joyce Pedersen

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