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The More You (Lou) FERRIGKNOW: Episode 3: Kitties & Zombies (Video)

Have you been keeping up with Lou Ferrigknow?

Created by OnlineSchools.org
Online students have the most to risk from this kind of threat. After all, they spend every day on a device that often seems like it was designed for the sole purpose of spreading cute videos about cats in boxes or cats hugging stuffed animals. One can only endure this kind of cute onslaught for so long before adopting an offline feline to get a daily fix.

The second most vulnerable population is the Japanese. Tokyo is home to 39 cat cafes. These are places people go to eat pastries, drink coffee, and hang out with cats. These daredevils tempt the fate of a zombie-apocalypse everyday.

Unconvinced? I know what you’re thinking.

#1. Who are the scientists that have chosen to devote time to studying the consequences of accidentally ingesting cat poop?
#2. How does one accidentally eat cat poop?
#3. What are zombie-like symptoms?
I could answer each of these questions quite easily, but I’d rather not reward cynicism. The day we can’t trust a pop culture icon to dispense vaguely authoritative sounding things about zombie toxins in cat poop, is the day I can haz quit the internet.



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