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The Lavender Scare – “Drag for a Queen” Takes a Look at Conversion Therapy


Los Angeles band, The Lavender Scare, debut a darkly cinematic new video for single “Drag for a Queen.”
Directed by Matt Klein, The Lavender Scare’s “Drag for a Queen” takes a look at the very real issue of conversion therapy. Starring alluring drag queen, Patti Cake, the video follows the story of a queen that’s trying to leave behind his secret life in the spotlight and be welcomed back into the folds of his church. Needless to say, despite the use of conversion therapy, the lure of cabaret and cherry red lipstick is too much a part of who he is. The band’s charismatic performance, shot with a stunning church as their backdrop, blends effortlessly with flashbacks to drag shows and gritty basement conversion meetings. With this video, The Lavender Scare bring to life a character that once only existed in melody. 

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