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The Hipster Games: ‘Hunger Games’ Spoof Reveals What Hipsters Would Miss The Most In Nature (Video)

Hipsters are being bullied all over town theses days! I though weren’t suppose to be bullying anyone (tears of a clown).

Thanks to LAist, you can watch for yourself in the video below and decide if The Hipster Games even comes close to 2007’s 8-minute long, but well worth it Hipster Olympics (see second video below).

Huff Post Says:

No one fights it (hipster) anymore. The hipsters, with their bangs, beards and beers, are here to stay. And so it only makes sense that this strong-in-numbers LA population would respond to one of the country’s most Tweeted about, hot-topic issues this year: “The Hunger Games” film.

LAist reports:

Hipster mockery is a thing of the present, and on the heels of the recently released “Coachella Killchella” video, yet another short jabbing at ironic sunglasses, a penchant for PBR and distinct fashion sensibilities launched on YouTube this week. And it was filmed right here in Los Angeles.

A parody of the recently released film “The Hunger Games,” the video, “The Hipster Games,” was “shot in LA’s very own hipster haven” of Silver Lake, writes Kenneth Kouot, who emailed us the video and is thanked in the YouTube credits.

Representing District Silver Lake in the semi-annual Hipster Games are the appropriately-named Loch Ness Evergreen and Falafel Malarkey. With the help of fresh juice, freshly rolled cigs and freshly grown raw, vegan eats — courtesy of Mother Earth — the two seemingly triumph and later delight in a can of their favorite, L.A.-based brew, floated to them via parachute.

Will the world be watching “The Hipster Games”? We hope not, because as one YouTube commenter noted, “This video… can’t go mainstream.”


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