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The Fully Sick Rapper

This story is fascinating, touching and I totally entertaining. Who knew Tuberculosis could look so good?


Watch this!!… It’s the first episode of my new web series “Fully Sick and the Side Effect Project”!


I have recently been through a tricky medical situation, having spent over 6 months quarantined in a hospital room with MDR-TB (Bad-ass Tuberculosis), but it wasn’t a negative experience for me. This time spent alone, helped me learn some new skills, and realise that I dig creating music and videos… Although I’m heaps tough and shit, please don’t cyber-bully me. I’ve read stories about that, and it sounds really horrible. The way you can’t escape it because it’s online… and now I spend a fair bit of time online. So if you ARE a cyber-bully, and were thinking of Cyber-bullying me, then discretely send me your bank details and I’ll wire you some of my lunch money… That way everybody wins. I don’t look like a push over, and you get your lunch money… I’ve got mad street cred to uphold within the hip hop community.

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