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The Flaming Lips Cover ‘I Am The Walrus’ (VIDEO)

Thank you to the music gods! You just put the icing on my cake called 2011!


The Flaming Lips take one of The Beatles’ strangest songs to an even stranger place in a cover video for “I Am the Walrus,” recorded at the Pink Floor Studio in Oklahoma City. This is actually one of the band’s more normal efforts in a year that saw them constantly outdoing themselves in weirdness — the list includes: three new songs housed in gummy fetuses, a six-hour-long song followed by a 24-hour-long song encased in skulls, not to mention the never-ending bizarro Christmas station, Atlas Eets Christmas, we can’t stop listening to — maybe they’re going for mind control here?

The band isn’t done with us yet, though — fingers crossed they’re saving their kookiest effort yet for the last day of the year, when they perform alongside Yoko Ono this New Year’s Eve for their annual New Year’s Freakout.

Until then, watch Wayne Coyne sing into a pink plastic circle and make you wonder whether this song was written with the express purpose of having The Flaming Lips cover it 44 years later.

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