The Drums Release Reflective New Album “Abysmal Thoughts” Today, Instantly One of My Favorites of All Times

I am embarrassingly late to The Drums party. I’ve been featuring The Drums music and videos for years, but just this week I feel in love with the true sound and deep-complex story of singer, Jonny Pierce. Stumbling upon The Drums’ livestream for Paste Magazine / Paste Music, frontman, Jonny Pierce  shares a reflective voice of his his personal life that got him to today. As it turns out he grew up in Horseheads, NY,  just few miles from where I was born and raised (raised hell). Honestly, I didn’t know he was gay until hearing him speak of his failed marriage, coming out, and his journey which shaped this new album, Abysmal Thoughts, out today! I know as a gay journalist I’m suppose to focus on Jonny being ‘gay’ or him being a ‘gay artist,’ but that is completely irrelevant, his music speaks for itself. And it’s out, loud, and proud.

The way he moves his body and feels the music is fascinating, Clearly tied passionately together in a knot.

The new album is raw and engaging, Jonny Pierce, laid his soul out on a platter for everyone to witness. And we thank you.

Stream Abysmal Thoughts HERE, or even better support the band, download and buy their new fantastic album here on iTunes. 

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