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The Carry Nation – “As If” Music Video

The Carry Nation have released a music video for “As If.”

” ‘As If’ is one in a series of original tracks that have been inspired by the range of sounds culled from this past year of touring. Our intention for the song was to create a hypnotic dance soundscape that was equal parts abstraction and familiarity.”
The Carry Nation, comprised of Will Automagic & Nita Aviance, has been producing tracks and remixes for the past 5 years for such labels as Batty Bass, TRAX, Nervous, Get Up, TRIBAL, Night People, DFA, & Twirl. Their party, also named The Carry Nation, started at Brooklyn’s infamous after-hours spot The Spectrum, and lived at both Steel Drums & 43 Scott before landing at Good Room. Their crowd is a mix of gay music heads and their straight friends who get it… Their productions and the infamy of their parties have brought them around the world in recent years from Berlin to Chicago, Helsinki to San Francisco, Milan & Paris to Pittsburg & Austin, and our second city London, plus Block9 at Glastonbury Festival. In the end though, home is where the heart is, deep in the city of New York.
“The video, directed by Tyler Jensen ( , was shot at JAR studios in Bushwick “
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