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The Band of Bears Say Their Friend Paul is a “Dirty Bitch” Music Video

The new release from Band of Bears featuring their friends from the UK, France, Germany and the USA. We are  not a fan of the music, but we like their spirit so we wanted you to take a peek and give it a go.

Who are the Band of Bears you ask:

BOB is a project conceived by Pat and Steve over dinner and wine one night, since those heady early days BoB has gone from strength to strength and writing more and more songs.
Bob has a light hearted musical direction but with sometimes Raw, Rock message at it’s heart, songs are original and all written, played and produced in house at our own studio.
BOB is an ongoing project, there are songs being written and rehearsed on a rolling basis so more will appear at regular intervals until we run out of ideas or time.
Other members are Justin, who is artistic director (and is about to leave for sunny climes), photographer and now Bass player and Neal who plays keyboards and looks after music production and the ‘sound’ of the music.
2011 is the year of gigs, so we’re on the hunt for any events or parties that may want a bunch of beary blokes playing original music.
Don’t get confused with the other ‘band of bears’ which are a group of guys who sing cover songs at some bear events. That’s not us, and not easy to to confuse once you see and hear us.
Just call us BoB, saves confusion!
love you all, but not often enough 😉

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