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Tenderfoot – “Break Apart” Music Video

Tenderfoot premiered their “Break Apart” music video on Gold Flake Paint. Very soothing and comforting.

It’s funny that when we feel stuck or lost in our every day, we tend to look to outward. Blaming our environments or those closest to us, it seems that everything will be okay if only we could switch our routine or wake up surrounded by a new set of walls or unfamiliar faces. It’s only when we realise that this shift is only possible once we become more self-aware that we can begin to transform into the person we always thought we would be.

Born out of living on the road for a year and his subsequent break-up with his long term partner, Tenderfoot’s Adam Kendall Woods is a master at articulating the grief that often comes with this kind of introspection. While he eventually met his musical muses in the form of Jude Miqueli (drums), Gabriel Molinaro (keys), and Darcey Zoller (strings) when he settled in Seattle, Woods’ extremely open and vulnerable lyricism is perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Tenderfoot project. It’s these unshielded words that he sparks a sort of resilience to the tentative foundations of looking inward.

“Break Apart,” the title track from their forthcoming album, is a shattering, poignant reflection on the parts of life we may have taken for granted. The moments we wanted to cherish but didn’t realise how special they truly were until it was a little too late. Sonically, Tenderfoot have encompassed an almost overwhelmingly emotional crescendo that pinpoints the substantial sensitivity in their work. Their delivery feels urgent and enthralling, like the last moments of swimming to the surface.

Speaking of the video, Woods said: “In psychological projection, a person denies their existence and experience and shifts blame onto others. Using vintage slides of a family’s memories, a scenario is presented where the character cannot escape the emotional weight and trauma handed down generationally. The colored light and memory become heavy and cause him pain and discomfort. The slides flash more rapidly during the crescendo and the character enters the space of his own mind. In the end, a bright white light expels the memories and the character can begin to move forward as a sovereign self.”


Words by Sammy Maine

Photo by Noah Fecks

Break Apart is out Feb 2, via Porchlight Records

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