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Temples: The Relationship Between Gyms And Our Broken Food System (Video PhotographicEssay)

‘Temples’ by Alex Moore  is a photographic essay commenting on modern consumer behaviour in a health and fitness environment. The project forges a relationship between gym space activity and the act of repenting for one’s sins.

Alex Moore, the artist behind this series of photographs that looks at people eating fast food alone, is back with a new project: a video that examines the relationship between consumer behavior, gyms, and unhealthy food choices.

The first part of Moore’s video features side-by-side images of people working out and highly-processed food being churned out at a factory. As the artist wordlessly points out, we are always trying to atone for what we’ve eaten. The second part of Moore’s video is reminiscent of F/00d, his fast food series.

In F/00d, Moore uses digital manipulation to make people eating fast food look grotesque. A similar technique is used in Temples, where still images of people working out look equally disgusting.

Do people exercising after eating giant salads look any different from people lifting weights after eating a McDonald’s burger? Not really. But it’s true that for many people, physical activity isn’t particularly fun–it’s something you deal with in a large, impersonal gym while wearing headphones and watching a screen. It’s redemption for our food sins. (


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