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Teen Artist in New Zealand Bashed in Homophobic Attack

You sometimes wonder if this type of behavior will this ever end?

d'Larté is battered after the beating

Young gay artist Zakk d’Larté is issuing a warning to the glbt community after he was brutally attacked in downtown Auckland on Saturday night.

“I was dropping my friends off at party down at the Viaduct … and as I was walking back home, these three guys approached me and I think they must’ve thought I was a female because they were flirting with me,” the 18-year-old pop performer tells GayNZ.com Daily News.

“But they quickly realised that I was a guy and got so aggressive and were punching and kicking me and shouting disgusting homophobic comments…”

d’Larté believes he may have a broken nose, and will get examined at the doctor today. “My spine is so sore from repeated kicking.”

He says he will contact the police today.

“I just want the gay community to be wary and take precautions. Don’t be alone at night time. Homophobia still has such a strong presence. They need to be careful,” he warns.

d’Larté says he has received plenty of support from his friends and posters on Facebook, where he shared what happened. “Seeing people unite no matter their sexualities or religions or beliefs and just agree that homophobia is disgusting and needs to be stopped. It was beautiful to read.” VIA


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