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Tame That Beard & Get Groomed for Valentine’s Day: Beard Lube and More….


Hot Looks: Get Groomed for Valentine’s Day

Gone are the days of smooth-faced gentlemen; scruff, stubble, and beards have conquered the complexions of the modern-day man. Facial hair comes with its own hurtles—much like the locks on your head, your beard requires shampoo, conditioner, and oil treatments, and it can even develop split ends. Mike Sposito of FSC Barber Shop recommends that in addition to the proper product “you should visit your barber every 10 days for a trim.” He also added, “A barber will have the expertise to shape it up and to keep you looking respectable, addressing excessive fullness, roundness in the cheeks, and thickness by the throat. A barber should be able to work with your beard so it complements your facial features, so you look your best.” Just in time for Valentine’s Day, thank you very much.

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