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Take a Photo Tour of John Waters’s Home: “I Have a Lot of Fake Food Around the House”

Some might imagine John Waters Baltimore home might look like a cross between a haunted house and disney land. From the website Rookie, “Hazel got to visit John Waters, you guys. Later this month we’ll have a full interview with the Pope of Trash. In the meantime, here’s a gallery of some of his favorite works of art, books, and places in his super cool Baltimore home. You will want to go to there.” It is exactly how I pictures it.

Waters: “That’s the electric chair from Female Trouble that Divine gets in at the very end. The Auditions sign—we don’t really do auditions here—is a Mike Kelley sculpture piece that’s supposed to look like, you know, at the Chateau Marmont where one day they’d put it up. But yeah, that’s actually an art piece.”

“This is from Guys and Dolls, a prop that Johnny Depp gave me when we finished making Cry Baby.”


A collage piece called Chorus 1 by Vincent Fecteau sits on the wall of the staircase.

“I have a lot of fake food around the house.” Why do you have so much fake food? “I dunno, I guess so I won’t eat it all?”

Fake food sitting in the kitchen next to a Magritte print of Young Girl Eating a Bird.

“This is my favorite book title of all time.” What’s it about? Have you read it? “No! I just love the title!”

“This is my bulletin board where I put things that inspire me. I think it’s just such a good idea and everybody should have one in their house, just a place where you can put images.”

“These are two tabloid moments captured by, I don’t know—we ordered them online—but this is Michael Jackson dangling his baby, the moment that caused the scandal, and this is Britney getting out of the limousine showing her private area!”

Waters pulling out some of his favorites from his book collection. This one is Dad’s in Prison by Margaret Speed.

Why do you love Justin Bieber so much? “Just ’cause he makes me laugh so much.”

The living room. Bye, John Waters! Thank you for having me over. Love, Hazel.


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