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YUZIMA – “RESIST” Music Video

“RESIST” is YUZIMA’S direct response to fascism in the USA. Stay tuned for the full release later this year. Download here on Bandcamp Video by YUZIMA   Since the November election, YUZIMA has been at the forefront of the resistance, protesting and petitioning lawmakers without pause.  “I’ve transformed into a soldier against what is happening in […]

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Yuzima Channels Noise, Pop and Dystopia on New LP “The Machine”

“YUZIMA Channels Noise, Pop and Dystopia on new LP THE MACHINE” THE MACHINE YUZIMA has spent the last 18 months obsessed with machines – big ones, small ones. He even went into depth in an interview with Accidental Bear stating that the machine is “your family”, “your neighborhood” and things that you “will deal with […]

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New Music: YUZIMA Shows the Sexy Side of Brooklyn’s Cobblestone Streets in New Video for “Sex City”

  The second music video from YUZIMA’s upcoming LP “THE MACHINE.” Video  was directed by Jim Fairfax For more info  got to   “NYC rocker YUZIMA grew up on MTV watching the likes of Axl Rose and Bono. The rockers sharply contrasted the music many of his friends listened to and the singers his mother played on […]

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Meet Singer YUZIMA: He Begins Work on New LP “The Machine”

  YUZIMA BEGINS WORK ON BIG THEMED NEW LP THE MACHINE Over the last several months, YUZIMA has started compiling lyrics, melodies and  concepts for his ambitious new LP The Machine. Yuzima explains the concept: “We are all living in a machine, big machines and small ones, we are each our own machine so this album will focus on the things […]