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Everybody Wants to be a “Porno Star” by Wil Sabin: Video

Show and tell time! Here we show you Wil Sabin’s “Porno Star.” What do you have for us?     AUSTRALIA: ‪ USA: UK: WIL SABIN – “Porno Star” Directed by Dan Murphy Written by C.Burgueno, I.Kidron Published by So Phat Music Produced by ‘Christian Luke’ Wil appears courtesy of Phat Planet Media Bookings/appearances/DJ enquiries […]


Wil Sabin’s “Wear Me Out” Official Music Video: Both Masculine and Feminine Simultaneously?

Out Australian  Wil Sabin realease”Wear Me Out.” Sex and cheese sells and I’m not talking about swiss or cheddar. Just as an anthropological point of view it’s fun to watch this video that is a sort of yin and yang of masculinity and femininity. This fills the parameters for club music but outside the club it might […]