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Warwick Rowers Reveal Their 2018 Naked Calendar | Challenge Homophobia & Gender Bias in Sport

I love how dedicated the Warwick Rowers are to their yearly Naked Calendar. It wasn’t just a one off because it was trendy. Each year they put their all into creating the calendar, and it is clear they are genuine to the cause of “challenging homophobia and gender bias in sport.” We are back with our biggest […]

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Naked Warwick Rowers New Video, Talk About Gay Fans | NSFW Video

The world’s most famous naked athletes, the Warwick Rowers, are back with their seventh calendar for 2016. When asked about how they feel about their gay fans, they replied, “We don’t even understand the question. Why would we mind.” Take a peek behind the scenes at our naked photo shoots on glamorous locations in England […]

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Taking It All off With the Warwick Rowers Photoshoot | NSFW

Wow! Who knew the  Warwick Rowers, famous for their naked calendars, look great with clothes on as well. “Meaningful discussions about homophobia and bullying are few and far between in the world of organized and professional sports. Despite a handful of professional athletes coming out in recent years — and straight players speaking out as […]