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21 Of The Queerest Songs Of 2011

Ok, define queer. Here at Accidental Bear, queer doesn’t necessarily always mean gay. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Huffington Post lays out 21 of the queerest songs from 2011. Got your dancing hoes on? 2011 was a great year for music — especially music from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans artists. Before […]

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Gorge Yourself on Elvis Di Fazio’s Videos & Photography

WWW.ELVISDIFAZIO.FR Bright and ballsy, Di Fazio’s photos flash with kitsch erotica – a tongue slowly swirling in cheek. Di Fazio’s style has quickly unfurled, dancing from precise and emotive portraiture with a classic bent to something distinctly modern in its appeal. In the last year, Di Fazio’s profile has undergone a rapid evolution. Commissioned fashion […]

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Old Spice Videos| Bear Deodorant Protector

Because of the bizarre commercial that features this Bear Deodorant Protector, including crosser dresser and Hugh Heffner like 1970’s surroundings,  Old Spice has had to come out and say it, “This product exists and is available for purchase on November 23rd,” otherwise you may have thought of this as a hilarious spoof. There is some […]

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Stop Pissing in My Doorstep: Public Shaming

  Public Shaming of the Day: Hoxton resident Harry Monk, fed up with “the constant stream” of late-night urinators relieving themselves below his Cranwood Court apartment, has taken matters into his own hands, filming an hour’s worth of pissed pissers and posting the footage to YouTube. “I feel disgusted, angry, distressed, resigned that people are doing […]