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The Gays Love Nasty Pig | Spring 2015 Videos | Part 1 & 2

The Gays Love Nasty Pig | Spring 2015 Videos | Part 1 & 2

    Gays love their Nasty Pig. Videos were directed by LilInternet Produced by David Lauterstein nastypig.com    

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Fun Voting Videos of the Past: Madonna, Dee-Lite, Donald Duck and More

Check out below a fun collection of pro-voting videos of years past! Hope you you all vote (for Obama!).                  

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Sweaty Azerbaijani Wrestling Team in Singlets vs Febreze Experiment: Hot Videos

Oh my singlets! I hear your thoughts men. “Singlet fetish, table for two!” “Can Febreze take on the world’s toughest odors at The London 2012 Olympic Games? We did an experiment with Air Effects in the gym of the Azerbaijani Wrestling Team.”  by febreze            


Outrageous Tub Interview with Cartoonist Justin Hall: “No straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics” Videos

In our most outrageous interview yet, that also ends in the bathtub, we have an intimate chat with the 6’2″ hunky cartoonist Justin Hall about his past endeavors and his exciting new project No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics that will be hitting the shelves any day now! Justin hall is an award-winning cartoonist best

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Accidental Bear Visits Esthetician Brandon Doyle at 360 Skin, Gets Back Facial & Leaves with Less Nose and Ear Hair (Videos)

As part of our Men’s Health Series ( http://insidefirst.me/) Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders visits with Medical Esthetician Brandon Doyle at 360 Skin in San Francisco. Overall skin care needs and Brandon’s specialties. Brandon’s passion and knowledge for men’s skin clear is in abundance. Check out our fun videos below  where we chat about general skin care needs,

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Rachel Maddow Covers “The Disturbing History of Pray the Gay Away” (Videos)

You can always count on our Rachel to get the bottom of things. Rachel Maddow is a role model to staying cool, calm and collected under pressure. Maddow for President! Think Progress reports: Rachel Maddow traced the mainstreaming of the ex-gay movement on her MSNBC show last night — from its rise in 1973 in defiance of

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Fall in Love with Bondi Hipsters With Us: “Tsodomi to Ksodomi”

It is healthy to re-new your obsessions now and again to keep things lively. Bondi Hipsters were brought to my attention this morning and I now have re-newed faith in life (not in a religious freaky way). Fall in love with Bondi Hipsters With Us. We’ll have an orgy love fest with you. WARNING: You WILL fall

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We Double Dog Dare You Not to Lose it While Watching Grandma’s Laugh Therapy Videos

Grandma goes off her rockets and films dozens of laugh videos. We dare you NOT to laugh. Let’s take this moment together and call it laugh therapy. We’ll send you the bill in the mail.          

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Extreme, Hairy, Muscle, Burping, Freak of Nature & Erotic Man: THERIPPEDMUSCLE’s Youtube Channel

Somethings come along and they are too good to not share. I have challenged our fans on FACEBOOK to comment without judgement on these videos. This will be quite the exercise in restraint! To me he is a real life cartoon character and I’m kind of obsessed!       Check out a ton more

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21 Of The Queerest Songs Of 2011

Ok, define queer. Here at Accidental Bear, queer doesn’t necessarily always mean gay. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Huffington Post lays out 21 of the queerest songs from 2011. Got your dancing hoes on? 2011 was a great year for music — especially music from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans artists. Before


Gorge Yourself on Elvis Di Fazio’s Videos & Photography

WWW.ELVISDIFAZIO.FR Bright and ballsy, Di Fazio’s photos flash with kitsch erotica – a tongue slowly swirling in cheek. Di Fazio’s style has quickly unfurled, dancing from precise and emotive portraiture with a classic bent to something distinctly modern in its appeal. In the last year, Di Fazio’s profile has undergone a rapid evolution. Commissioned fashion

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Old Spice Videos| Bear Deodorant Protector

Because of the bizarre commercial that features this Bear Deodorant Protector, including crosser dresser and Hugh Heffner like 1970’s surroundings,  Old Spice has had to come out and say it, “This product exists and is available for purchase on November 23rd,” otherwise you may have thought of this as a hilarious spoof. There is some

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A Look Back At 20 Transgender Pioneers Who Rocked The World (Video)

I stand up out of my chair and applaud your courage, I hold your hand and walk down the street to publicly show my support to the world.   Today is the 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day when we remember trans people who have been victims of homicide. The event was started to

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4 Anti-Meth Videos From “Requiem for a Dream” Director Darren Aronofsky: Disturbing Meth Realness

One could argue that Requiem is the ultimate anti-drug PSA. (Some even argue that the director’s most recent hit, Black Swan, could be seen as an anti-ballet PSA, or at least an anti-Natalie Portman PSA.) So, when agency Organic and prodco Wild Plum were looking their next celebrity director to helm the camera for a new series of spots

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The Craft & The Pride Video Series: Waldorf Shaving: Manly Hour

It is Movember season and changing the face of men’s health after all. Watch these well crafted and stylized videos of the perfect shave, that takes a true craftsman. When the final techniques are done, a glorious mustache is left behind!  In second video the barber talks about his interest in the “90’s punk rock

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(Video) Accidental Bear Talks Yoga in the Park With Zach Spire from BearYogaSF

Accidental Bear Mike Enders meets up with Zach Spire from BearYogaSF in Dolores Park San Francisco. We chat about yoga, life and what BearYogaSF is all about. Much fun was had. Zach has a unique approach to yoga and what a session is all about: pretension, projection, judgment and attitude left at the door. As

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(NSFW)Sex Hygiene Videos- US Navy Training Film (1942): A Whores Bath Demo

These videos are amazing yet dated. It is amazing though, how most of the basic sex hygiene messages are still the same, put a damn rubber on it! In video part two there is an amazing video demonstration on how to give yourself a “whores bath” in the sink!! Mike Enders This video is distinct

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BULK: The Bear Web Series Second Episode Released “Fourteen Months”

“Because we need to get out of the apartment and socialize, even if it kills us.” Been there? Check out and see what the result of leaving your home nest might be in this new episode of BULK! Click HERE to watch episode 2 “Fourteen Months” Bulk: The Series is a dramatic new web series following Leo Durán

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Video: 9/11/01 A Day to Never Forget

If we stop talking about it, the lessons learned may be forgotten. Take the time, give yourself time grieve the tragedy of 9/11/2001 in what ever way fits you most. I personally am a visual person and watching horrible videos of the events makes it sink in the most for me. Be well, never forget,

Video Warm-ups: The Beard Master, Conjoined Twins Share a Penis, Orangutang & Parkour in Mardin


Morning Warm-ups: London Riots – Scum steal from injured boy, Skull of Trismegistus, The Ostrich Nest – Epic Meal Time

AWKWARD: The gratitude campaign (full length) Related articles London riots: thugs filmed robbing injured, bleeding boy (telegraph.co.uk)

Morning Warm-up videos: Charred Skies Over North London, Disney/Pixar “UP” House, MAJOR ALARM


Weekend Warm-up Videos: Share the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow, I'm GOING to Marry You, Straight to Heaven…

[vimeo 26753142 w=376 h=200]

Morning Warm-up Videos: Dust Storm, Hot Dogs, Skate Board Pool Painting & Blooper

Tubular Warm-ups [vimeo 26045314 w=376 h=200]

Stop Pissing in My Doorstep: Public Shaming

  Public Shaming of the Day: Hoxton resident Harry Monk, fed up with “the constant stream” of late-night urinators relieving themselves below his Cranwood Court apartment, has taken matters into his own hands, filming an hour’s worth of pissed pissers and posting the footage to YouTube. “I feel disgusted, angry, distressed, resigned that people are doing

Morning Warm-up Videos


“Memorial Day”, What it Means to Chloe

What ever Chloe says, I do, no  questions asked. Find out what Memorial Day means to Chloe! Performed by Drew Droege. Directed by Jim Hansen