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Video: Why ‘It Gets Better’ Works: Watch One Young Man Express His Gratitude

The proof is in the pudding (video). (Via thinkprogress.org) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T2iORfZ4wV4 One of the biggest challenges in social justice advocacy is demonstrating success. When the whole goal is to prevent people from having negative experiences, it’s hard to prove that strategies are actually working, because there isn’t physical evidence. The desired result is “no negative experiences,” but some […]

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Video: The Men of Friday Night Furlosophy are Back with “Things we JUST HATE!”

The men from Friday Night Furlosophy have released a video spot lighting the things that just make their skin crawl, Things we JUST HATE! Watch I am sure you will be able to relate but your hands will be clean while these two do the dirty work. www.fridaynightfurlosophy.com “We could pretend to be all cerebral […]

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Chloe “I like toast” Sevigny gives an Exclusive Interview to Accidental Bear For Your Pleasure

As I approached my conversation with Chloe I thought of it like a secret mission, being dropped from a helicopter onto an untouched island in search of yet found orchids. If I were to name an orchid, it would be called Chloe and it would smell of lavender and a mist of sage. I also […]

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GAY A law to make it ILLEGAL for teachers to talk about gays?! This snarky F-bomb-filled video takes on the forces of Homo H8 in Tennessee. FCKH8.com is giving 25¢ for every Facebook “Like” or Twitter tweet of this video up to $25,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project. A portion of every T-shirt sold benefits […]