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A Day in the Life of Two Gay Dads Will Melt Your Heart | Video

A Day in the Life of Two Gay Dads Will Melt Your Heart | Video

Gay Star News reports: The simple pleasures of family life have been captured in a beautiful new video. The ‘day in the life film’, created by Gays With Kids, a network offering support for gay dads and men considering fatherhood, showcases the average Sunday routine for a New York family, Corey, Rocco and their son Forge.

“Lively Penises” | 1 Minute Penis Art Film | Video #NSFW

 It’s all the rage, penis art! I think I may have found my new career, filming penis art films. Music by Julie Andrews, for not particular reason. Filmed and edited by Mike Enders Presented by Accidental Bear  Filmed at the Wildwood Retreat Center in Northern CA wildwoodretreat.com

10 Cats Playing in a Pool of Colorful Balls is Delightful | Video

Warning your heart may not be able to take all of this cuteness all at once. 10 Cats are Playing with Blue Shark Kiddie Swimming Pool and Colored Balls. Video by 10 Cats.

The Prettiots – “Suicide Hotline” Video

A song about NOT killing yourself. “Suicide Hotline,” like many Prettiots songs, couches stunning barbs of insight between sweet, fun harmonies and playful ukelele strums. In this case, singer Kay Kasparhauser says the lyrics describe a time in her life when her “friends and also therapist were a little worried.” They’re macabre, invoking both Sylvia

Cute Trans Guys Answers “How Do You Have Sex?” | Video

Trans cutie Mr Lewzer answers the dreaded question “how do you have sex?” Check out Mr Lewzer‘s Buzzfeed piece buzzfeed.com

FCKH8 | The Fight for Equal Rights Continues | Video

(Los Angeles, CA) – It’s a touching video of real people talking about civil rights progress that’s helped them – and then the big reveal at the end hits you like a gut punch: it’s 2015, and it’s still legal to fire and discriminate against people simply because they’re LGBT. The newest provocative spot from

Glasgow Bans Drag Queens at Pride | Video

“Glasgow’s Free Pride has banned drag performers, with the goal of creating a safe space for trans people who might be offended by drag. Free Pride’s heart is in the right place, but they’re missing the point of Pride. Let’s take a look at where they went wrong.” Matt Baume Say Hi to Matt on  Twitter or Facebook

1960s Style Tutorial For Men on “How To Ride Bitch” on a Another Man’s Motorcycle | Video

Str8 boys can be so cute. “A throwback poke at 1960’s instructional videos… a time where things were just a little bit macho and a lot more ridiculous.” Video from Alex Vivian “Featuring Sean Keenan of Puberty Blues fame, a classic Australian ‘postie’ bike and a couple pretty dames of course.”

What’s the Definition of “Traditional Marriage”? | Matt Baume Keeping it Real!

Raise your hand if you love Matt Baume as much as we do (All hands should be in the air!). Check out the newest video from Matt where he keeps things real and factual. “Traditional marriage isn’t the “one man, one woman” story you’ve always heard. It’s changed countless times over the last 4,000 years,

Fight Club for Kids with Chuck Palahniuk | Video

Chuck Palahniuk reads an excerpt from a new children’s book version of ‘Fight Club,’ and tries his best to stay kid-friendly. Written by Max Knoblauch and David Sidorov Directed by David Sidorov Animation by Alisa Stern Filmed by Armand Valdes

WTF Video of the Day | Overhead Barbell Splits

WTF! Video found at DailyPicksandFlicks

What Does Your Pee Say About You? | Video

What colour should your pee even be? Video from AsapSCIENCE      

Watch Nasty Pig’s Summer 2015 Commercial | Video

  Find Nasty Pig clothing at nastypig.com Just what you might expect…

“Blowing Boogie Bugle Man From Company G” Parody Video

Parody of the Andrews Sisters Classic “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B”! Go down on this below. Video by See U Next Tuesday

Ellen Chats with Hunky Aydian Dowling, Possibly the First Trans Man to Be On Cover Men’s Health | Video

You go on with your hunky self Aydian Dowling. Accidental Bear is rooting for you. “He’s in position to possibly become the first transgender man on the cover of Men’s Health. Check out his incredible story.” Video from TheEllenShow

Bottle Boys vs. Auto-Tune | “Believe” on Beer Bottles | Video

  “Ever since the Auto-Tune effect was introduced to the public with Cher’s Believe, it has been a rather controversial topic. Some people say that it makes humans sound like robots and other people criticise it for giving tone deaf people a vocal ‘crutch’. But no matter what you think of it, it won’t go

The Top 5 Deadliest Animals In The World | An AsapTHOUGHT Video

Watch out for those creepy crawlers and online sharks! AsapTHOUGHT on  Facebook

How to Groom an Epic Mustache | A Beardbrand Video

  Tame that stache! Find out more at beardbrand.com

Inside Amy Schumer – “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” Video

  “A boy band encourages Amy to dispense with her beauty regimen and embrace her inner glow.” Comedy Central

Toronto’s Water Polo Club Triggerfish Makes Adorable Video

Hella cute! “The Toronto Triggerfish are allegedly the largest LGBT water polo club in the world. This video is them throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the gay water polo league, the Toronto Triggerfish are the best both in and out of the water. Stockholm Eurogames 2015 here we come” From Shih-Ming Yao  

Oh Happy Day! New Hi Fashion Video Out Today! | “Where is the Party?”

Stop everything and watch the new video from one of my favorites, Hi Fashion, for “Where is the Party?”. It is clear where the party is, it follows Hi Fashion around like a little puppy humping their legs, always exciting! Hi Fashion are always pushing the limits with their daring and outrageous clothing and beats.

Easter Parade Galore | Bill Cunningham | The New York Times Video

A century-old tradition, the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade brings together fantasy and reality. Produced by: Sofia Perpetua Video from The New York Times Become an Accidental Member Here!

Gay Of Thrones S5 EP ​1​ Recap: The Whores To Cum Feat. Dave Holmes | Video

  Jonathan loves three things – savasana, bullet proof coffee, and ‘Game of Thrones.’ Watch every week as he reads new episodes to filth. WARNING: The following video contains vague references, confusing plot analysis, and kind of spoilers.  This special Episode number one for Season five features actor Dave Holmes. I recently interviewed Dave on

Florence + The Machine Share “Ship To Wreck”

Taken from Florence + The Machine’s album How Big How Blue How Beautiful. Get Ship to Wreck instantly when you pre-order on iTunes: HERE

Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms of Burlesque | Video

Broadway Bares, the unrivaled evening of sexy striptease that benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, is turning 25 and will welcome back to the director’s chair Jerry Mitchell, Bares’ creator and executive producer. The 2015 edition will fill NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday, June 21. In a lavish and thrilling extravaganza, Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms of

Will Butler Shares “Something’s Coming” Video

    Will Butler has shared a weird new video for “Something’s Coming,” a track off his recently released solo album, Policy. It features creepy knife-wielding polka dot dancers, a baby playing drums, and Butler dancing shirtless in a heavy-looking metal helmet. The whole thing comes to a bloody, deranged end. The clip was directed by

What Will Your Tattoos Look Like In 50 Years? | Video

  “It gets better with age” says BuzzFeed Video

Do You Extreme Pogo? Watch Video

Extreme Pogo Sticking + Trick Shots from Dude Perfect Youtuber.

Watch Slow Knights’ “Candy Sugar Rush” Video

 “Candy Sugar Rush” is taken from Slow Knights‘ upcoming album Living In A Dark World | Out Arpil 20th Pre-order now on iTunes and get ‘Candy Sugar Rush’ instant download: iTunes 

Naked Dudes Covered in Paint Kissing Art Video | “The Love Lesson” | NSFW

  “The Love Lesson” Performance by Karl Lakolak in Christophe Combarieu apartment initiated by Yohann Grandsire, Vipa Gamage & PRIVATO “Shot & edited by Gaspard Carpenter Video posted Meton Atopik

What’s the Point of Boycotting Indiana? Video by Matt Baume

Food for thought. “Why are we boycotting Indiana, if there are 20 other states with laws that are almost exactly the same? And is a boycott going to do more harm than good? Let’s discuss, with the help of our friends George Takei and Thomas.” Vide from Matt Baume

Nick Deutsch Shares “Crazy Ride” Music Video

Nick Deutsch has shared his new music Video for  title track, “Crazy Ride” off of his most recent album. Directed by Assal Ghawami and animated by Tara Autovino, “Crazy Ride” is about the push and pull of human life. The lyrics serve as a gentle reminder that we are all living, loving, losing and learning together.

Vance Joy’s “Georgia” Video Has an Unexpected Romance | Watch

  The powerful track and video, Georgia, is taken from Melbourne’s, Vance Joy’s debut album Dream Your Life Away.  It looks like Vance Joy will be joining Taylor Swift on tour this coming summer. Find out more about that HERE Find Vance Joy on Facebook | www.vancejoy.com  

7 Useless Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had | AsapTHOUGHT Video

Your body is weirder than you think! Video by AsapTHOUGHT AsapTHOUGHT  on Facebook Let’s also address the fact that Greg’s hair is looking amazing.

Smashing Pumpkins Share “Drum and Fife” Video

  Watch Smashing Pumpkins new video for “Drum and Fife,” off of their 2014 album, Monuments to an Elegy. This video was directed by Ahlander + Antiga. War what is it good for I ask? The Smashing Pumpkins will be all over the boob tube this week. On April 2, they’ll perform “Drum and Fife” on “The Tonight

The Underwear Artist | A CheapUndies Video

  Watch this ad for undies. Executive Producer: Edward Upton Directed by: Brad Hammer Models: Jon Varak, Eric Angelo Makeup Artist: Kyan Loredo DP: Greg Loebell Editor: Sebastian Heinrich www.cheapundies.com

Bottle Boys – Epic Movie Themes Video

  This video is a medley of our favourite movie themes! For this one we collaborated with Budapest Art Orchestra in Hungary where we recorded the orchestral parts and shot some of the video. If you watch closely you see one of us, Johannes, is actually conducting the orchestra. 🙂 Then we recorded the bottles

Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore Releases “Europa Hymn” Video

Europa Hymn is the first taste of ‘MG’ – Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore’s, upcoming 16-track electronic instrumental album  out on April 28th on Mute. Directed by: M-I-E PRE-ORDER MG: Digital on itunes.apple.com

The Science of Awkwardness | Video

  Food for thought. Youtuber,  Michael Stevens from Vsauce shared this video on the science of Awkwardness and the E E E…. Watch below. I have such a wicked crush on this man and his brain.

The Gay Sweater is Made from 100% Homosexual Hair | Video

First thought gross, but what a great way to help deflate the usage of the saying, “That is so gay!” as a way of referring to something that is less desirable, awful, or simply bad. “The Gay Sweater project teaches us that words like ‘gay’ shouldn’t be used to describe anything negative. Please help the Canadian