Would You Wear These Lace Mens Underwear by Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi continues the presentation of its Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection with this limited edition, ‘flash’ line. The newly released line is called Abstract Lace and it comprises two types of briefs (low cut and classic cut) and jockstraps in pure white or seductive black. These pieces are made from a fine semi-transparent French lace and are contoured to perfectly […]

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David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line for Hot Bodies

Love the sense of humor and the important message of self acceptance. Hot comes in all shapes and sizes. “Fashion icon and soccer legend David Beckham shares an exclusive sneak peek of the advertisement launching his new underwear line with James Corden (Not real). Just don’t look for it on shelves any time, ever. “ The […]


Cazwell New Underwear Line Inspired by His Song “Ice Cream Truck”

Hip-hop artist/DJ CAZWELL and fashion designer GEOFFREY MAC have teamed together on a playful new men’s underwear line inspired by the rapper’s iconic “Ice Cream Truck” song.  The underwear features an assortment of digitally printed designs including retro ice cream parlor stripes, festive rainbow sprinkles, and a golden waffle cone logo repeat on the inside.  They are available in Berry, […]

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Teamm8 Australian Men’s Underwear, Swimwear and Sportswear Gives Us Frisky One Minute Video

teamm8 Australian Men’s Underwear, Swimwear and Sportswear – FOR EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS. Get In The League! Is that internet 8? I couldn’t help myself. Sexy guy strutting his white boys moves in this cute  teamm8 video. Words of advice: Anyone over the age of 14 years old should NEVER wear their baseball cap like this fox in […]

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C IN-2 Underwear Line Hangs Out in Trailer Park for Some Sexy Sleazy Shots (Photos)

What is it about good old American Trailer Parks and male models chilling out in underwear that can drive a man wild? Just a reminder that I’m GAY GAY GAY (Thank you!). Queerty reports:  Our mole at C IN-2  snuck us these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from a recent underwear shoot at a Miami trailer park for the brand’s new […]


Rufskin’s Gemini Underwear Collection Campaign: Supreme Model Choice reports: Southern California based underwear, denim, swimwear, sportswear and accessories brand Rufskin was launched with an aim to be simultaneously “vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic and futuristic.” The brand hits all of the above on the head with their just released Gemini underwear collection campaign. Speaking more to those qualities than the underwear itself, […]

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Play With Your Balls Like a Rubiks Cube Men: Testicular Cancer Ads of Men in Playful Undies (Photos)

Peru’s Liga Contra El Cancer, The League Against Cancer,  just launched a hairy new campaign encouraging men to play with their balls like a Rubiks Cube, Playstation controllers, or  a Blackberry to get a hold of things and to detect early warning signs of possible testicular cancer. Below are three sample of playful undies to guy you and […]

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Andrew Christian’s Underwear Pillow Fight “5 Guys, 1 Pillow” Video:: What’s the Opposite of Erection?

Not to be confused with Two Girls, One Cup (NSFW or this world). Underwear designer Andrew Christian as of lately has entered into the world of video making. The men in videos are always dressed , by the end of video at least, in nothing more than his pricey well designed undies (If you’re into that kind of […]

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Underbear 2012 – Photobooth by Dirty Queer Magazine (Heaps of Photos!)

Words that always catch our readers attention: bear, underwear and photobooth. This making the recently published photographs on sure to be a major hit! On Wednesday 29 February it was time for another Underbear party with the Harbour City Bears at the Oxford Art Factory. We ran a photobooth again, and we really hope you enjoy these shots. […]

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“Dirty Laundry” with Underwear Designer Andrew Christian’s Soccer Team in States of Undress (Video)

I am going to take the words out of our mouth,”Why the fuck does this never happen to me?” Underwear superstar designer Andrew Christian has been making playful videos promoting his goods and the or love of the male physique. Just released today  Christian’s new video”Dirty Laundry,” a scenario we have all played out in our […]

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Rugby Stud Gareth Thomas Teases Facebook Fans with a Bedroom Undies Shot, Packing Heat!

Rugby star and now reality TV star of UK’s Big Brother, Gareth Thomas, teases his (we’re not complaining) Facebook fans with a self-portrait of himself wearing nothing but skimpy undies. He adds,”Appropriate underwear for today. So just be warned people I’m armed if you come near! 😉 Looking forward to another rugby filled weekend. I […]


Cute Comfy Undies by Under Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

If  had a draw full of these soft-even-to-look-at under garments I might never get dressed. Actually these tops would look good with jeans. London via Amsterdam via Portugal, Under returns for its first Spring/Summer collection. Unfussy quality underwear, attention to detail with thoughtful touches like removable labels and covered buttons. This collection takes inspiration from various eras […]

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Feeding Time: Freshman Car Wash – Andrew Christian Style Video

This is what I like to call Feeding the Gays. What?! Don’t look at me, Andrew Christian is an underwear designer. What better way to show off his products than at a car wash! For the full uncensored version with even hotter action, visit Social Video Page.

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Geeze Louise, Check Out These Eco Undies On Stunning Male Model

This post could be an ad for underwear or just a model spread, geeze Louise, check this beautiful specimen out! Dear male model, I love you! The company Gässling started early 2011 with the ambition to create great eco friendly underwear for style conscious men. The overcrowded underwear market has been stuck targeting teenagers for way […]