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Intersex Activists Handcuffed Themselves to UK’s Parliament Today | Video

  Gay Star News — Three intersex activists handcuffed themselves in front of London’s parliament today to fight for an Intersex Equality Inquiry. Watch how three brave activists are calling for an Intersex Equality Inquiry in the UK Artist Ela Xora, author Joe Holliday and his mother Julia Farmer stood in protest against the institutionalised abuse and […]

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GLAAD Announced They Will Be Expanding to the UK

  LGBT media organisation GLAAD has announced the launch of a UK operation as part of its growing global work. GLAAD, the not-for-profit organisation aimed at promoting LGBT diversity in media, is launching a UK-based operation to support LGBT voices around the world. The group regularly releases reports holding US broadcasters to account and monitoring diversity, as well as speaking out […]

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Accidental Bear on UK Radio ShoutOut| Mike Enders Talks About Tub Interviews, New Projects & More | Listen Here

Our very own Mike Enders was on UK radiao station ShoutOut yesterday . ShoutOut is Bristol’s LGBT radio show, airing on community station BCFM (93.2 FM in Bristol, streaming around the globe on www.bcfm.org.uk). Mike is asked about his popular bathtub interviews, Accidental Bear’s site content, the future of A/B, his new weekly vodcast “This Town,” and much more. […]

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Jon Hamm on Cover GQ UK September 2014 Issue | Hamm, You Give Me Fever!

Jon Hamm Covers GQ UK-’Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm covers the coveted September issue of GQ UK, posing poolside for photographer Gavin Bond. Dressed in dappersuiting, which is not out of the ordinary after a seven season run on ‘Mad Men’ playing Don Draper, Hamm talks to the magazine about what’s next. Explaining the path to success post ‘Mad […]

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David Beckham Dominates The Cover Of Esquire UK September Issue

  David Beckham make the men swoon. There is never enough Beckham. See here he dominates the covers the September issue of British Esquire. A digital version is available here. Photography by Josh Olins. The cover plus an exclsuive video here. Read the full interview appears in the September issue of Esquire UK, out now. Also available as a digital edition […]

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The Homeless Film Festival Featuring Stories from Mexico, Korea, Holland, the UK and America.

Totally fascinating. I mean really, how many people do you think are concerned with homeless people having a creative outlet? Read about a few people who give a damn below. Youtube page reads: The Homeless Film Festival 2012′ is a touring festival, aimed at screening some of the worlds best homeless related films ever made! […]

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Graphic Anti-Smoking Ad Feature Hideously Scarred Cancer Victims

There are two things that blow my mind that any educated well adjusted adult will do with there free will, tan in tanning beds and smoke cigarettes. No sympathy for their consequences. A hard-hitting publicity campaign will show the American public the horrific effects of smoking when disturbing footage of cancer victims is aired across […]

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UK: Domestic Violence Help-line Offers Advice For “Surviving Christmas”

Take advantage of the resources in your own community. You are never as alone as you think you are! The LGBT domestic violence charity Broken Rainbow has published a list of tips designed to advise the victims of violence on how to seek help over the festive period. The charity warned that the levels of […]

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Homophobia in UK Prisons is Endemic, But Often Unreported or Ignored

Homophobia is not sexy! Prisons seems like the perfect, dark, private, ruled by ultimate power environment for homophobia to hide. “The charity (jail) has been told that gay prisoners are advised by officers to ‘act less gay’ as a survival strategy.” A new report claims that while homophobia is widespread in the UK prison system, anti-gay […]

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(Video) Next Generation Robotics Raises Awareness of the Importance of Self-Acceptance.

  We are not robots. Message brought to you by a blue eyed  shirtless babe in this bright short film. AdamFilm.tk ‘Adam’ is a gay short film raising awareness of the importance of self-acceptance. Click LIKE and SHARE the film to spread the word. The film mocks up a futuristic advert for a customisable robot and […]