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Shirtless CrossFit Gym Members Answer Boxers or Briefs | Video

#Fluff This might be our favorite Boxers of Briefs ever! Check out DanielXMiller with some shirtless CrossFit members talking about whether they prefer Boxers or Briefs! In this episode, DanielXMiller rocks his Aware Soho boxer briefs. Check out Strength RX here: strengthrxcrossfit Visit for more content like this. Video from The Underwear Expert

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The Brand Jack Adams Has Everything for Your Gym Bag | Video

“Style Reporter for the The Underwear Expert, James Pianka, gives us a look at Jack Adams- a brand that helps fill up everything for your gym bag! Jack Adams appeals to the athletic man and James Pianka certainly shows us why! Let us know what you think below in the comments.” I personally burned calories […]


New Installment of Boxers or Briefs? Beverly Hills Episode | Video

  I shared first last week, The Underwear Expert‘s,  “Boxers or Briefs in Hollywood.” Of course the post went viral it has some of our favorite things, shirtless men and underwear. The Underwear Expert just shared a new installment of “Boxers or Briefs?”, the Beverly Hills episode. Check it out below. It really is all about the host. Yes, he […]