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Anderson Cooper Lose It on Live TV (CNN): Cute!

Our Anderson Cooper loses himself to a number two joke and giggles like a school girl. I claimed him as ours, yes I did. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq1eCF3crO8&w=400&h=224] Before signing off each night, Anderson Cooper concludes AC360 with a segment called the “Ridiculist,” during which he comments on some trivial bit of news or pop culture. It’s […]


Pee-Wee Herman Tribute Art Exhibit In Los Angeles

  With his signature suit, voice and subversive family nature, Pee-Wee Herman has been a pop culture mainstay for decades. Even when the actor portraying him, Paul Reubens, had a bit of a run in with the law, fans still clamored for more Pee-Wee, rabidly watching his old specials, TV shows and movies. In 2010, Pee-Wee jumped back in the […]

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September 12th, Anderson Cooper Kicks off Anderson, His Daytime Talk Show

Anderson, I love-hate you. Lets see if your daytime talk show sways opinion to one side or the other. (via www.afterelton.com) If Anderson Cooper isn’t already one of the busiest journalists working in television today, he’s certainly about to be: on September 12, Cooper kicks off Anderson, his daytime talk show. While sitting in the Beverly Hilton […]

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Brady Kids Remember Sherwood Schwartz; Dispel Rumors About Gay Dad

Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of TV landmarks Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch, who passed away early Tuesday in Los Angeles, is remembered fondly by those who knew him. And despite rumors that Schwartz was conflicted over star Robert Reed’s homosexuality and refused to attend Reed’s 1992 funeral because he feared knowledge of the actor’s HIV-positive status would harm […]

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Betty White and Her Gays. “I think the gay community seems to like old ladies”

Be careful with your words Betty. Gay followers are like a double sided sword, they will turn on you in  hot second. But for now, Betty White is living out her second wind in Hollywood and the gays are there on the ride with her. ——————————————————————————- Betty White Reflects on Gay Following Reflecting on the […]

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Transgender MTV Character Boycotted

I sometimes can’t come up with grown up things to say. To The Florida Family Association , “Fuck You!“ ————————————————————————————— Antigay Group Boycotts Transgender MTV Character The Florida Family Association wants advertisers to boycott Degrassi: The Next Generation on MTV over its positive portrayal of a young transgender man. By Advocate.com Editors The Florida Family Association wants […]

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Reichen Lehmkuhl, Hush Little Sleep Face, Don’t Talk

Reichen, Shut the fuck up and just be pretty to look at. That strategy will take you further than filming yourself cracked out, sleep eyed, in bed praying to something that doesn’t exist, god. ________________________________________________________ This Is An 8-Minute Video Of Reichen Lehmkuhl Saying His Catholic Prayers Before Bed via Queerty “This gonna be the […]