Hair Ball of Day

Featured: UV/Glow in the Dark Drippy Bear Paw T-shirt by Ruff Shirts

Who knew that such a thing existed. Whether this was a brain storm or brain fart of owner Shane, it’s pretty RAD! Click here to go to website Design is © RUFF STUDIO & RUFFSHIRT.COM 2012  – CONTACT FOR RIGHTS AND USAGE INFORMATION. We design and print all of our shirts ourself in our workshop […]

Hair Ball of Day

Shane Ruff is Rocking the T-Shirt World and Has a Deal for You at  & Are you a t-shirt whore? It’s okay, you not alone! Ruff Shirts and Accidental Bear has a deal for you.  Ruff Shirts has set up a coupon code  for $10 off any order of $50 or more (the Coupon Code is “BEAR10” – which would need to be entered at checkout on the site). […]

Queer News

Vendor Refuses to Print LGBT EQUALITY T-Shirts For High School Club

In this moment of LAME:  A private vendor in Kansas is refusing to print a T-shirts for a local high school’s Gay Student Alliance (GSA) because of his personal opposition to same-sex marriage, the Kansas City Star reports. “Marriage is ordained between a man and a woman,” the owner, Rod Lindemann wrote. “I am a man […]