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Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis is Looking Foxy on the Cover of Attitude Mag

Look who’s all grown up and filled in quite nicely. Those legs! Everyone know him as hapless Neville Longbottom – a role he played for half his life – but having landed himself his biggest movie role since Hogwarts in upcoming romantic drama Me Before You, Matthew Lewis is having the last laugh. In his stunning cover […]

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David Beckham with Hot Rod Between His Legs & Talks of Possibility of Designing His Own Clothing Line

Mr Foxy David Beckham has spilled the beans about possibility of his own clothing line.The designing most likely won’t be in the hands of David himself. He’ll most likely slap his name on the products and they will sell like hotcakes (god I love hotcakes!). With the right team backing Beckham’s potential clothing line, I […]

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Guilty Pleasure: We’re Obsessed with Model Benjamin Godfre and his Youtube Videos! (NSFW)

You know how sometimes you are obsessed with something you know that is not good for you, or you can’t stop eating super hot spicy salsa and YOU KNOW you will have fire in the hole the next day? That is kind of my deal with Benjamin Godfre and his Youtube channel. He stumbled into my […]

Hair Ball of Day

Brian Wilson Picks Nose, Eats Candy, Works Out With New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

For the love of Brian Wilson! It looks as if he has met his match. Candid photographs caught of him in form-fitting, nut hugging spandex, walking with his gal pal, alleged new girlfriend  Chelsea Lewis. Brian, if you ever need an assistant to hand wash those spandex for you, I volunteer. This week, photographer Westley Hargrave […]