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Oh My! Andrea Marcaccini Photographed by Michele Ercolani

Oh My! Andrea Marcaccini Photographed by Michele Ercolani

  Model Andrea Marcaccini at I Love Models Management is photographed by Michele Ercolani and styled by our pal Stefano Guerrini in the story ‘Loom’ for TOH! #15

Guaizine Fanzine Features Clothing of Studiopretzel By Emiliano Laszlo: (Beardy Model Alert)

  Studio Pretzel was created as a brand for fashion business, with a particular attention to “lightness”, something that reminds of Calvino’s literature. In practice, this idea translates itself into soft lines, in the creation of comfortable clothes, such as the shirt and shorts, together with the use of comfortable materials, such as muslin and

“Dandy Imperfetto”: An Exclusive Fashion Shoot for 360º Magazine

  Photo : Vito FaugianaFrom vintage stunning pieces to new ones from s/s 2013. An exclusive shoot for 360º Magazine. Styling : Stefano Guerrini Styling assistant : Piermattia Aiello and Cecilia Gioetti Make-up artist : Elena Toniutto Set assistant : Gianluca Zappoli Model : Diego Gennaro @Boom Agency Thanks to Cristina Scardovi     Sleeveless shirt vintage Haute from Archivi Mazzini, trousers Costume National Homme, scarf vintage from Archivi Mazzini, rings Sharra Pagano

Hair Ball of the Day: Our Very Own Italian Fashion Contributor Stefano Guerrini: Cute as Pie

Stefano Guerrini considers himself a pop archaeologist, a committed fashion enthusiast and a style searcher. Intrigued by this dashing man? Check out his sites to get the scoop: http://lepilloledistefano.gqitalia.it http://www.webelieveinstyle.it photos source www.allaroundkaarl.com

“Fashion Gone Wild”: Bearded Treats From Our Italian Fashion Contributor Stefano Guerrini

Feast you eyes on this men! PHOTOGRAPHER: Vito Faugiana (www.vitofaugiana.com) FASHION EDITOR: Stefano Guerrini STYLING ASSISTANT: Cristina Scardovi MAKE UP AND HAIR: Rossella Villa MODEL: Andrea Marcaccini @Fashion Model Management        

Our Italian Contributor Stefano Guerrini Brings You “Hippie Campers Home” Photo Spread

Our favorite fashionista- contributor from Italy , Stefano Guerrini brings us: Hippie Campers Home In a house under renovation, immersed in the bohemian atmosphere, two man and a woman in a ménage à trois that refers to certain French films.  Starring: passions, jealousies, and a hippie deluxe style. Via www.webelieveinstyle.it   Photo: Gianluca Mazza for COOC Studio >>> Styling:

An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces

  WATCH VIDEO HERE Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so

Latest Work from Our Italian Fashion Contributor, Stefano Guerrini: Tailoring Art

I am seeing some New Years Even outfits appearing. This year I will where a tuxedo blazer, a rope and a record hat! TAILORING ART   Photo: Mustafa Sabbagh

 >>> Styling: Stefano Guerrini Model: Christian Zucconi >>> Styling assistant: Erik Manfredi Thanks to Angelica Pianarosa and Isotta Sabbioni. www.webelieveinstyle.it   Ritorna il talento di Mustafa Sabbagh su webelieveinstyle. Dopo

Our Italian GQ Connection Brings Us “LIVE LIKE COMMON PEOPLE… LIKE YOU”

Ten boys who have never thought to pose in front of a camera decide to be our models for a day. Hesitation and embarrassment disappear for this shooting which is a cross between an afternoon raid in other people’s wardrobe and the desire to be like the character of a story. And which stories do

Our Italian Fashion Contributor Stefano Guerrini Brings Us ‘SEE-THROUGH’ Part 1 & 2

A proper introduction is due for our Italian fashion contributor Stefano Guerrini. Starting off as a fan of Accidental Bear website and then offering us his exquisite expertise and fashion knowledge. Stefano  resides in Lugo, Italy and considers himself:  After six years as fashion director of the three-monthly lifestyle-magazine Label, he became fashion editor of Made05, now has

Male Couture from Our Italian Contributor Stefano Guerrini

MALE COUTURE Photographer: Mustafa Sabbagh >>> Styling: Stefano Guerrini Model: Francesco Ferrari Location: Archivi Mazzini >>> For a detailed list of clothing and photo shoot information go HERE  

Accidental Bear New Contributor from GQ Italy: Stefano Guerrini Part 2

‘A Man For Next Season (Part 2)’ Scritto da Stefano Guerrini alle 09.05 — Strike a pose Photography: Simone Monopoli Art direction and styling: Stefano Guerrini Grooming: Marco Minunno@mks-Milano Styling assistant: Angelica Pianarosa Model: Sasha Marini@Beatrice Location: Annapurna Showroom Special Thanks to: Terry Trincia, Marco Zisa and Massimo Curella Cappotto e sciarpa / coat and scarf Annapurna (female collection), pantaloni militari