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What’s your sexual fetish? | Watch New Steam Room Stories Video

 I want so badly to like the Steam Room Stories videos, but I must admit, I’m not feeling them lately. My suggestions to them, more edge. It seems like they may have a budget, hire some new creative writers. In the meantime watch the newest episode below; topic ‘sexual fetish’ but I think more accurate […]

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Lumbersexuals vs Metrosexuals | New Steam Room Stories Video

  “Dude, let’s log jam.” Check out the new video from SteamRoomStories.com where whining guys compete to be the sexiest most desired guy in the steam room. Is it the “Lumbersexuals” or the “Metrosexuals?” How are  we suppose to choose, we haven’t even seen their junk yet! Video by Steam Room Stories See more at  www.SteamRoomStories.com

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What’s Your Sex Score? Dong for Days | New Steam Room Stories Video

Dong for days is going to be my new tattoo. 2015 is here and you’ve got a whole load of new Steam Room Stories episodes to enjoy. Kicking off the year is new episode ‘Sex Score’ where the guys talk about keeping track of their conquests. Steam Room Stories hunks Joe Fidler, Michael Poursh, Chris Reid, Adam […]

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Love Blossoms on Valentine’s Day Steam Room Stories

Cute. Valentine’s Day is here again and the Steam Room Stories guys are expressing their love for each other in a brand new episode. Fan favorite Chad Olson and Steam Room Stories newcomer Pablo Hernandez star in the all-new episode as the two guys talk about the different ways you can love someone with a surprising twist. The […]

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“Explode!” – New Steam Room Stories Video

 Some eye candy and chat. I like all kinds of candy, not just the fuzzy ones. “Steam Room Stories. Hot men serving up steamy comedy that’s 90% laughs and 10% body fat.” Check out their other shows at http://www.Cinema175.com Buy the SRS DVD here: http://bit.ly/1evmw9E Coming soon – http://www.10YearPlanMovie.com

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Miss’D America Beauty Pageant! – Steam Room Stories New Video

  Hooray, fuzzy-wuzzy Mike is in the newest episode of Steam Room Stories. I am imagining myself picking his hair out of my teeth. “The boys — I mean ladies — have a sickening FIERCE OFF in preparation for the Miss’D American Beauty Pageant on Sept. 21st! Atlantic City betta watch out, hunty!” Gwist     […]

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Do You Moan During Sex and Have Your Prostate Poked With a ‘Pole’? – Steam Room Stories Video

“The guys compare notes on what kinds of noises boys make during sex. Are you a religious moaner or do you squeal like a baby seal?” Gwist   Subscribe to Gwist for more great videos delivered right to you!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c… Sign up for our newsletter and see what’s new with Gwist!http://eepurl.com/rY6Zj Find the Steam Room Stories song […]

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Butt Drunk From Drinking Through Their Asses: Steam Room Stories New Skin Flick

  In this weeks Steam Room Stories, our fine fuzzy fella Mike is back and he is butt drunk. Visualize drinking steam water off of fuzzy Mike’s butt. “The guys show up to the Steam Room drunk off their asses.. from drinking through their asses.” GwistTV   Subscribe to gwistTV http://gwist.tv Go to www.SteamRoomStories.com for more SRS. Look […]

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Hair Balls of the Day: The Men of Steam Room Stories in All Their Glory

Grab a towel and join the guys in the Steam Room for a sexy new webisode every Wednesday. Sometimes you don’t want to laugh but, it’s impossible not to. We get weak in the knees whenever Mike the Bear pops up.   Subscribe to both SteamRoomStories and their new home at GwistTV which can best be described: Gwist […]

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Steam Room Stories: “I’m Not Gay, I Was Acting, For Money”: Video

  I’m dying to say No-Homo here but I’m not going to. Listen to these guys trying to redefine what gay is, so they can fuck and still think they’re straight.   Subscribe to gwistTV http://gwist.tv Go to www.SteamRoomStories.com for more SRS. Look for new weekly episodes at SteamRoomStories.com as well as on www.youtube.com/GwistTV subscribe […]