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Exploring China’s Skateboarding Scene with Wang Huifeng from VICE

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ they head to Shenzhen, where Wang Huifeng is tearing it up as a professional skateboarder for Vans. The strictly-street skater takes us to his favorite spots in the province, and tells us what’s keeping China’s skate scene from taking off—along with what he’s doing to help it flourish. Video […]

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Skateboarding with a Prosthetic Leg, How This Paralympic Athlete Does It | Video

#hero #inspiration Oscar Loreto Jr. was born with a defect that prevented development in his arms and legs. Despite the limitations of his prosthetic leg, Oscar has become an incredibly talented skateboarder, traveling to events, and skating at the Paralympics. Oscar knows that skating has changed his life and put him on a great path […]