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Watch Brockhampton’s Short Film “Billy Star” | Video

LA-based rap crew Brockhampton are releasing their new album Saturation III on Friday, and Kevin Abstract has already directed videos for the early tracks “Boys” and “Boogie.” Today, he’s released this short film called Billy Star, a sort of extended sequel to Abstract’s video for his solo song “Empty.” All info at

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“Bob & Dale” | Elderly Gay Couple in a Remote Rocky Mountain Town Find Out How Deep Love Runs | Short Film Kickstarter

An elderly gay couple in a remote Rocky Mountain town find a deeper love when dementia threatens their independence. Bob and Dale have lived together in a remote Rocky Mountain town for forty-two years. At eighty-two, Dale shows the physical signs of slowing down. When Bob, who is eighteen years his junior, tries to hide […]

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“Dylan” | A Transgender Man Finding Freedom in Self-Love and Acceptance | Short Film

    After being celebrated at the St. Louis Film Festival, Queer Film Festival, Boston LGBT Film Festival, and Melbourne Queer Festival, Emmy Award-winning director, Elizabeth Rohrbaugh will release her latest work Dylan (available to stream for free starting June 1, 2015), a poignant short film about a transgender man’s journey. Based on an interview […]

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Blackout: John Burris Speaks Short Film | Eric Garner and Mike Brown’s Lives Mattered

  “After the deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown at the hands of police last year, the United States came together in protest against police brutality towards the African-American community there. “I can’t breathe,” the last words uttered by Garner as he was choked to death, and “black lives matter,” became slogans, hashtags and […]


“Unwrapping Truvada” | Short Film Featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, Scott Wiener & Michael Weinstein

Check out this new short film, “Unwrapping Truvada, “featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, SF Supervisor Scott Wiener, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation head Michael Weinstein. nesde sac Youtube Page reads: Taking this pill could keep you from getting #HIV. So why is it so controversial? #Truvada Excellent piece! It was interesting to see the discussion unfold between […]


Kathleen Hanna Voices Animated Alien in Short Film Myrna the Monster | Watch

Am I on acid? No, I heard that right. Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill/Le Tigre/the Julie Ruin) has lend her voice to a new animated short film called Myrna the Monster. In Ian Samuels‘ short, produced by MTV Other and premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Hanna voices Myrna, “a heartbroken alien dreamer from the moon who transitions into young adult life in […]

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Hair Ball of the Day: Studly Professional BMX Rider Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco Short Film: Video

Bursting onto the scene last year with his smooth style and seemingly-impossible stunts, professional BMX rider and Inspired Bicycles pro Danny MacAskill recently hit the streets of San Francisco for a new short film. Presented by Remington, the video showcases the power, precision and control that are at the heart of the Scottish-born street trials rider’s techniques as the […]

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“HOMOPHOBIA” Gay Bullying Themed Short Film: Released May 11, 2012 (Video)

Project Homophobia is a short film about gay bullying and self-acceptance by Austrian filmmaker Gregor Schmidinger. Release in May 2012. Homophobia means being afraid of homosexuality. But what if you would be afraid of your own homosexual feelings? What if you could not handle them? The short film Homophobia explores these questions. We invite all […]

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Internet-Released Chinese Transgender in Hong Kong Film Gets 2 Million Views in a Week (Video)

A new short film about a mainland Chinese transgender woman having surgery in Hong Kong has gotten millions of hits on Youku. Watch My Way below. We have no idea what they are saying but still visually aroused. Short from award-winning director about a transgender woman proves again how internet-released films are by-passing China’s censors and reaching huge […]

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Short Film: “Sunshine” An American Ad Producer in Shanghai (Watch Here)

An American advertising producer in Shanghai tries to sell fast food to the Chinese. An endearing portrait of a modern day “Mad Man.” Directed, Photographed & Edited by Doug Nichol Music by Richard Hair Official Selection: True/False Film Festival, DOCNYC, Mill Valley Film Festival, Palm Springs, LA Shorts Fest, SF DocFest, Hot Springs Documentary Festival, […]

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Testosterone Dose: “The man they call “The Cobra” (Video Trailer)

A short film by Luke Monaghan on two-time Super-Middleweight Champion, Carl Froch. This is a short profile piece on the career of one of the best British boxers of the decade, premiered on Friday 16th December. “The man they call “The Cobra” is preparing to bite back. Two-time Super-Middleweight Champion Carl Froch is fighting […]

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“306” A Short Gay Film by Elliot London With A Twist (Watch Film)

Watch this powerful silent gay film, “306,” by Elliot London. It guides you along through the eleven minutes with curiosity. At one point you will think you have figured it out, but you will be wrong. Wait until the end for a little switcheroo! A little bit about Elliot London: Hi my name is Elliot […]

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(Video) Next Generation Robotics Raises Awareness of the Importance of Self-Acceptance.

  We are not robots. Message brought to you by a blue eyed  shirtless babe in this bright short film. ‘Adam’ is a gay short film raising awareness of the importance of self-acceptance. Click LIKE and SHARE the film to spread the word. The film mocks up a futuristic advert for a customisable robot and […]