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The Science of Orgasms in Under Three Minutes Video

Everything you wanted to know about orgasms, but were too afraid to ask. Sexy no, fascinating yes. Do not think about this learned science during the heat of passion, a guaranteed boner killer.   Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).   Art by Gregory and Mitchell […]

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Sexpert Colby Keller Helps with Hook Up Hurdles: “Neither Of Us Can Host! What to do?” Video

The lovely, scrumptious, witty, funny and down right edible Mr Colby Keller, resident sexpert for Manhunt Daily helps solve the dilemma that goes back as far as caveman days, “Your cave or mine?” The dilemma is that neither of you have a rock to lay your head on or parents upstairs from your basement apartment […]

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Conner Habib Talks Porn Addiction: Ask The SEXpert

Porn is not the problem, porn is your best friend (sarcasm). Unless your fingers are blisters from google searching fisting videos then… Conner Habib, NewNowNext’s man with the answers to all of your sex questions, is back and taking on a subject he knows very much about, porn addiction. See Mr. Habib and Salon sex reporter Tracy Clark-Fory (follow […]

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Conner Habib is New Resident SEXpert for NewNowNext: Lack Of Sex Drive Conundrum (Video)

Conner Habib tackles sex questions straight on as well as on a philosophical and psychological level. Conner will often turn the mirror back on the person asking the sex question to get the bottom of things. Smart SEXpert, knowledgable and lots of fieldwork, Conner Habib is the right man for this job.   NewNowNext’s Renaissance Man of […]

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Rest Stop Confidential: How I Ended up Having Sex With Men in Bathrooms By Conner Habib

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ kongsky Across America, countless men are meeting up for sex in highway bathrooms. I’m one of them. Here’s why.  By Conner Habib I was 15 the first time I found out that men have sex in public. On the way to Maine with my mom and stepfather, we pulled off the highway and […]

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Atlanta Film Festival Screening “The Men’s Room”: An Exploration of Gay Sex and Public Cruising

Filmmaker Jane Pickett explores sex cruising at the Atlanta Film Festival There has always dwelt a gray area between the realms of public versus private and gay versus straight. It is where secrets happen in the open and where right wing senators go to “widen their stance.” It is the men’s room. And there is […]

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100,000 Australian Grindr Users Exposed in Hack Attack= Buzz Kill

There goes your woody, unless of course this sort of thing turns you on.   A popular “meat-market” smartphone app that spawned a sexual revolution in Australia’s gay community has been compromised by a Sydney hacker, potentially exposing intimate personal chats, explicit photos and private information of users. The location-aware Grindr app enables gay men to meet […]

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Admit it – You Totally Would Have Had Sex With Neanderthals

I have always said that I like my men big and dumb. I visualize rough skin, broad forehead, thick limbs and throw me over their shoulder and drag me back to the cave strength followed by some grunting around the fire. To my surprise: Several new studies demonstrate that Neandertals were anything but macho brutes. […]

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Accidental Bear Gives a Peek at a Book in the Works, “Frequent Cruiser : All Before My First Kiss”

  For over a year now I have been working on autobiography about growing up a little gymnastics loving queer kid in Up-Sate New York, where nothing was typical and there was no white picket fence in my story. The Trevor Project and It Gets Better movements are bringing awareness to bullying and an overall awareness […]

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Penile Fracture: Study Links Broken Penises To Infidelity

Penile fractures do exist! And to add a side order of shame to the mix, “half the patients admitted to fracturing their penises during an extramarital affair,”  According to the study, which was published last month, penile fracture occurs when the “tunica albuginea” — the fibrous membrane surrounding the tissue in the center of the […]