Bad Idea Bears Hijack a Gay Hookup in New PSA “In Bed with Bears”: Video

Logo’s partnership with Avenue Q on a national campaign to create awareness surrounding HIV, the Tony-winning musical’s Bad Idea Bears hijack a gay hookup in the new PSA “In Bed with Bears.” “Don’t discuss your status, ditch the condoms, and hump like bareback bunnies,” is advice of the bad bears. The Bad Idea Bears add, “Because you know who gets HIV? […]

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Queensland Safe Sex Campaign “Rip & Roll” Is Back After Last Years Complaints: Watch Video of Story

“Rip & Roll” safe sex posters featuring two guys showing PDA were banned from bus shelters in Queensland last year. A new version will soon be returning to Queensland. The campaign has been launched this week and will spread the message of safe sex in the gay community. The new poster features three fully clothed gay men posing […]

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Asian Safer Sex PSA Targets US and Japan “You Can Still Cum, On My Tum Tum”

This safe sex PSA does not contain any new information, but the lyrics to the song are rib-ticking hilarious! American director Bryan Jackson collaborated with a group of Japanese artists to create a safer sex PSA. CalledLittle Taiko Boy, this short film is intended to be used in both the United States and Japan and […]

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Israel’s Racy Safe Sex AD With Hints of Freddie Mercury “Going All The Way” (Video)

The IATF is the only Non-Governmental Organization at the national level, the oldest and most weight with AIDS in Israel. The IATF was established as a non-profit organizations in 1985 by a group of social activists to promote the health of the general public regarding AIDS. This video brings in strong hints of the late Freddie […]