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Rick Perry: Hand Shaker, Baby Kisser, and Now Beard Tugger

Move over baby kissing. Looks like there’s a new form of retail politics this election season: beard tugging. Baby kissing is one of the rituals candidates engage in during campaigns, but for Rick Perry, schmoozing with children alone doesn’t cut it. At two campaign stops in Iowa during day three of his statewide bus tour, […]

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News: Recriminalize Homosexuality, Choi’s Trial, Romney Too Gay Friendly, Bigamist and Pedophiles are ‘Waiting in the Wings’

AFA’S BRYAN FISCHER: RECRIMINALIZE HOMOSEXUALITY Bryan Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association (which hosted Rick Perry’s prayer rally), called today for the recriminalization of homosexuality. Though laws against “sodomy” were found unconstitutional in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas, Fischer said there is “no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again.” [youtube] […]

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Monday Madness, News: Anti-LGBT Literature, PRIDE FLAG OUTSMARTS GOV. BROWNBACK, Watch Ex-Gay Video

Anti-LGBT Literature Widely Distributed At Right-Wing ALEC Conference This past weekend, hundreds of conservative lawmakers and lobbyists gathered in New Orleans for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) annual meeting. The four-day conference was sponsored by a who’s-who of corporations, from BP to Walmart to Altria, that pay upwards of $100,000 for the opportunity to write legislation friendly to […]