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Watch: Richard Simmons Embraces His Fabulousness & Gets Tuna Ripped with Bumble Bee Foods

Watch: Richard Simmons Embraces His Fabulousness & Gets Tuna Ripped with Bumble Bee Foods

I’m just going to put this right here. You do with it what you please. I LOVE Richards new journey in life. I really feel like he has finally embraced his fabulousness! Sponsored by Bumble Bee Foods Need a boost? Richard Simmons shows us how Bumble Bee® Tuna adds serious flavor to your day.  

Richard Simmons & ShayLoss’ Interview Will Be the Best Thing You Watch All Week

  Richard Simmons keeping things real with Shayloss, with a great diet of humor and tears. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, How cute is Shayloss? He is our newest biggest crush! People reach their peak at all different times in your life, and I have said it before, Richard in my

OMG, Richard Simmons’ Duck Dynasty: Si Robertson Parody Video

“Si Robertson’s beard is so long, Richard Simmons wanted to parody it.” Subscribe to Richard’s channel for more TV parodies coming soon! HERE

Workout Wednesdays with Richard Simmons: Cool Down / Positive Affirmations Video

  Richard Simmons is that best thing for the world since sliced white bread. Richard is the wind beneath my wings. The latest episode of Workout Wednesdays with Richard Simmons! Thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe for more videos coming soon HERE Welcome to Richard Simmons’ OFFICIAL YouTube channel! Are you eating

Richard Simmons Twerks Off the Pounds on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Video

  Jimmy Kimmel Live – The second part of Jimmy’s interview with Richard Simmons. Richard is having a second wind, a second coming with career, and I couldn’t be happier about. The more Richard Simmons in your life, the better.    

Richard Simmons Official Lyric Video for His Song “Hair Do”: Watch and Love Here

  Somewhere under the rainbow this is happening. Check out the official lyric video for Richard Simmons’ new single, “Hair Do”! Richard just announced on Twitter that the official video will be out on Friday! <holding my breath until then> “Hair Do” – Richard Simmons Lyrics below.   short, long, straight, or curly get something

Ants in Pants Richard Simmons Challenged to Stay Completely Still For 60 Seconds: Watch Video

  Oh ants in your pants Simmons, I love you! “Buzzfeed challenged perpetual motion machine man, Richard Simmons, to keep completely still for 60 seconds. This is the result…” Buzz Feed  

Hair Ball of the Day: Richard Simmons, No Bones About it

  From Richard Simmons’ highly entertaining  FACEBOOK PAGE. “No bones about it. I am the cutest skeleton in the whole wide world.” Richard Simmons  

Accidental Bear’s Bromance with Richard Simmons: Slimmons Studio, Beverly Hills: Photos

On Accidental Bear’s play week in LA, his bromance continues with the one and only Richard Simmons! SLIMMONS STUDIO Slimmons 9306 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, California 90210 310-275-4663 or 310- A SLIM ME The year was 1974. My dream was to open up an exercise studio that was fun. I had  taken classes all over the

Accidental Bear Goes into Richard Simmons’s Lions Den: Slimmons Studio Visit: Video

While planning my recent trip to LA, at the very tip-top of the agenda for the week was: Meet and attend Richard Simmons workout class Sweat! at Slimmons Studio. There was a chance that Richard may not be in town because of travel. As luck had it, Richard WAS in town and my dream came

Richard Simmons Should Host Saturday Night Live

Anytime I catch a glance of Richard Simmons on the tele, it’s  totally an eyeball workout and a gut wrenching laugh fest. It seems most fitting that he would Host Saturday Night Live? He hasn’t already? It’s his time. “This past Saturday there were a couple guys who said they had started a “Richard Simmons Should