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Most Adorable Ginger Cub Returning Ugly Sweat in UPS Ad: Video

Most Adorable Ginger Cub Returning Ugly Sweat in UPS Ad: Video

    Let’s face it clothing is the most difficult present to buy for someone. So around the holidays, returns have become second nature. A cute husky beardy make it all more pleasing on the eyes. Thanks to Chris H. for the tip! Sweater-friendly returns LINK

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Military Father Returns Home a Superhero as he Surprises Son for Birthday Disguised as Captain America (Video)

Pass the tissues or your sleeve please.  A military father was truly ‘Super Dad’ to his two young boys when he returned from duty in Afghanistan – after greeting his sons disguised as Captain America. A video posted on WelcomeHomeBlog.com shows two boys opening a  door to find a man suited and booted in red,


Flamboyant Johnny Weir Will Return to the Ice, Tweets His Announcement

Not that I was holding my breath or anything, but I encouraging folks to do what they love, and do what they do well. Johnny Weir has been spread all over the media for every reason but being an olympic hopeful lately. He needs to channel those outfits and sass into his skates and I believe