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Rapper Stose’s “Full Blown Panic Attack” Video Has the Rage Our Community Needs | Watch Here

Rapper Stose’s “Full Blown Panic Attack” Video Has the Rage Our Community Needs | Watch Here

    I have been loving on the new EP from Stose titled “Civil Disobedience.” Stose is pissed off and raged by the things happening in the world surrounding us all and he is putting a voice behind it. His music has the vibe of Rage Against the Machine with a political message straight reflecting the

Watch New York Rapper Chapman’s “Switch Hitta” Music Video

New York rapper Chapman has released new music video for “Switch Hitta,” claiming  that he can make men switch teams—if only for a night. Produced by Nar and written by Jesse St. John. This video premiered today on V Man and I’m sure was the talk around the water cooler. “The NYC-based rapper recently released “Switch Hitta,” his personal ode

New Music: Big Dipper is No Joke When it Comes to Man Parts: “Dick Hang Low” Video Dropped Today!

I double dog dare you not to sing along, impossible! Big Dipper drops new music video, “Dick Hang Low,”  which ferociously caresses our earbuds. Again, we love Big Dipper’s no fear approach to music. Dare I say he’s the Incredible Hulk of rap, no fear! From Big Dipper’s new mixtape THICK LIFE comes “Dick Hang Low”

Watch Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek

Which side are you on? Video by Rhett & Link

Rapper Big Dipper Teases Us With Fur and Swag: Teaser Videos for Upcoming EP “They Ain’t Ready”

Here are two more reasons to add to how frickin’ titillated and turned on we are about Big Dipper performing at Accidental Bear’s 2 year Anniversary Party on December 8, 2012. Watch below two teaser videos for his upcoming EP entitled THEY AIN’T READY. We got served folks and I want seconds! MEAT QUOTIENT is the new

Model Team: Richie Nuzzolese Raps “All Birds” While Benjamin Godfre Films & Edits: Video

Having one talent tucked into your picket just isn’t enough these days. Stunning male model Richie Nuzzolese we find out also has some wicked vocal chords and raps. Richie has flourished as male modeling’s all purpose man, mastering the art of runway, editorials, campaigns, music videos, and even national commercials. Logging multiple campaigns for many seasons

Big Freedia Talks to Xtra About How She Put the “Sissy” in Bounce Music: Video

Big Freedia is the stage name of Freddie Ross, an American musician known for work in bounce music. In 2011 Freedia was named Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in January’s Best of the Beat Awards. New Orleans’ Big Freedia talks to xtra about how she put the “Sissy” in bounce music. Big Freedia’s

Porn Star Chris Porter Known As Stose in the Rap Music World, Check It Out

ABOUT THIS PROJECT Twitter: @StoseOPM Facebook: StoseOPM Stose is hitting the scene hard. Be a part of the movement.  KICKSTART I just finished recording my first official single and during that time I realized how much it was going to cost me to finish the album, not to mention if I wanted to shoot a music video

Rica-Shay – “Spooky Bitch” (Sharon Needles Rap) Video

Good times! Rica-Shay says, “Rap song I wrote about Sharon Needles. Instrumental was pulled off of a Caspa/Rusko Mixtape. Hurray She Won!” I know this is hardcore spooky rap but does anyone find this adorable? Rica-Shay call us if you ever need a baby sitter. Sponge bath mandatory! Keep up the great work and titillating the

Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride

Hip-hop hooray-ho, No Homo! Hip-hop and homophobic hate speech have long gone hand in hand—but now MCs from Fat Joe to The Game are changing their tune. Chris Lee on rap’s gay-friendly tipping point. Has hip-hop finally had it with homophobia? Since the genre’s explosion into the public consciousness in the early ’80s, rap music has

Carl ’60 Cent’ Kasell Explains The Debt Ceilinging RAP (AUDIO)

 Confused by all the details about the debt ceiling? NPR’s legendary newscaster Carl “60 Cent” Kasell explains everything…in a RAP! (be gentle people, this was a rush job) Listen here

Watsky, Goat Rap: Go White Boy Go

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