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Gay Russian Artist Responds To Garage Magazine’s Racist ‘Black Woman’ Chair

  Out There Magazine reports: ALEXANDER (SASHA) KARGALTSEV responds to an unfortunate and offensive editorial depicting Dasha Zhukova, an internationally celebrated curator and media personality, which scandalized the internet this week. The photo depicts Ms. Zhukova sitting on a chair shaped as a black female figure with legs high in the air, strapped by a leather belt. […]

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Egg, Banana, and Coconut: Are Gays More Racist? by Marten Weber

by Marten Weber Anyone following the hype over U.S. basketball star Jeremy Lin will have observed the thick layer of racism lying ponderously over the media. One not-so-witty journalist rightly lost his job over the headline “Chink in the Armor,” after Jeremy’s recent setback, but the public statements of some athletes and the reactions in the […]

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President Obama as an Ape, Not Cool

Whether you are racist, inbred or other colorful flavors of the United States of America, there are certain things you just don’t do. Marilyn Davenport you should know better. Extend hands out, palms done and let me smack you with a ruler. ___________________________________________________________ California GOP Official Accused Of Racist Email LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — A Southern California […]

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Uh-oh, Galliano Gets a “Fucking racist!” Welcome in LA

Galliano Taunted at LAX By Advocate.com Editors Disgraced designer John Galliano received the opposite of a warm welcome when he arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday. A photographer screamed, “Fucking racist!” at the former Christian Dior designer when he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport. Galliano is accused of hurling racist and anti-Semitic statements at […]