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Bobby Jo Valentine Shares a Song for the New Year “Something You Happen To” | Video

Bobby Jo Valentine Shares a Song for the New Year “Something You Happen To” | Video

Singer-songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine shared this video for his new song for the New Year, “Something You Happen To,” and had this to say about it.  A magic trick, new years resolutions, and some gorgeous people. This is the official music video for “Something You Happen To”, made of New Year’s Resolutions from people I love.

SF Event Picks of the Week: The Chew Toys, James Panther, Homophonic Returns with Brontez Purnell & More!

Because the internet is a cluster fuck of too much information, each week Accidental Bear will pick it’s top events  of that week not to miss. Want your event posted? Send us an email to accidentalbear@gmail.com For the moment this will just be for San Francisco and Bay Area events. Thursday March 26th Queercore Band


What Pisses Me Off About Our Community’s Lack of Support of Queer Musicians by Mike Enders

  by Mike Enders This is an opinion piece and will no doubt piss someone off. But if I bite my tongue anymore about this, it’ll be bitten right in half. For years now I have been extremely disappointed in my communities support of LGBTQ musicians. Just this past week I saw two knockout shows that

Matt Palmer Releases Official Music Video for His Song “Teardrops”

Watch new music video for “Teardrops” from Matt Palmer’s upcoming Stranger Than Fiction EP! Available April 2014. Matt currently has a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new EP. Find out how you can help HERE Download “Teardrops” below:


Ayer Releases New Single “Young” Off Upcoming Debut EP

  Said before and I’ll say it again Ayer is cute as a button with talent for days! We posted a few weeks ago Ayer’s  single “Circle Down” that came at us like a dance storm: Listen Up HERE Today we have “Young,” the second track off Ayer’s upcoming debut EP! In the spirit of the

New Music Video Re-Cap Feat. Shannon and the Clams, Bright Light Bright Light, Zebra Katz, Orchid and Hound, The Younger Lovers, Kelly and the Kellygirls and More!

We take pride in searching all corners of the world for up and coming artists, musicians other sites won’t touch, LGBTQ artists,  the underbelly, and/or those new music videos that may have slipped by you. Creating a platform and featuring new artists to spring them onto the radar of much larger audiences. Check out below

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 11.49.36 AM

Chicago Out Rapper Roy Kinsey Chats with Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders: Video

Check out video below of my chat with Chicago rapper Roy Kinsey on his recent trip to west coast. I catch with him on his current projects, and what we can expect to see from him in the future. After we finished the interview, I realized what we will be seeing is A LOT more of

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LGBTQIQ Weekly Recap Video: Del Marquis, Sherry Vine, Big Freedia, “Gay Dogs” and More

This weeks LGBTQIQ video recap is sassy, sizzling and a little sexy. Featured this week: Scissor Sisters’ Del Marquis, Sally Shapiro, Sherry Vine, Big Freedia, Eliot’s Sketchpad and much more juice! Below are links to mentionables (much like lunchables) featured in video. Also we own no rights to any of the music in this video.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.58.06 AM

New Music: Big Freedia’s Ass-Tastic “Feelin’ Myself” Video

New Orleans bounce powerhouse Big Freedia is baaaaa-ack! You will enjoy the new video for “Feelin’ Myself” from last year’s God Save the Queen Diva mixtape.  Freedia plays Rap Game Mills Lane over a dope interpolation of the “Cramp Your Style” break. I feel like I should add the comment, Don’t try this at home. I can imagine some

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KICKSTARTER: A.B. Announces Summer Queer Music Tour Benefitting LGBTQ Mental Health Services

Press Release July/August 2013: Photo borrowed from Boston Public Library  HELP KICKSTART AND FUND HERE   A.B. Queer Music Tour Summer 2013: Creating a Platform for LGBTQ Talent and Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention. Founder, Mike Enders of the hugely popular website, Accidental Bear, has announced that he and his team will be


Bobby Jo Valentine is a Major Talented Hunk to Watch Out For: Video

I have been lucky enough to see Bobby Jo Valentine perform live several times now and he’s got the X-factor that the entertainment world is always chiming about. Charming, SUPER MUSICALLY GIFTED, and would you just take a look at him! Take some time getting familiar with his work and do your self a huge favor

Chicks on Speed, Austra, Girls and Hunx and His Punx; Queer Music

Step away from the Britney, put down your Beyonce and lets listen to some talented queers who actually make music because they like to, not for the paycheck (although I bet none of these performers ever turned down a paycheck). I some times rate music by the lack of hearing of a group. In some