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PSA Addresses LGBTQ Anxiety, Depression & Suicide During Holidays | #URimportant2Me Challenge

PSA Addresses LGBTQ Anxiety, Depression & Suicide During Holidays | #URimportant2Me Challenge

The holidays can be especially challenging for LGBTQ people that have been displaced or rejected by their families, or just feeling alone in a crowded room. Loneliness is not picky. If you are watching this video I want you to know that you are important to me, you are special to me, and you matter!

Michael Lucas Supports the Use of PrEP in Short PSA | Watch Here

Michael Lucas asks for you to, “please share this video and help me continue to get the word out about this important and life saving method!” Lucas is talking about PrEP “Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a prevention option for people who are at high risk of getting HIV. It’s meant to be used consistently,

Shirtless Conan O’Brien Makes The Red Hot Ginger PSA Hotter: Watch

An art exhibit is trying to sex up redheads’ image, but there’s one ginger that’s clearly the sexiest by far.

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Stop Caring So Much About Amanda Bynes PSA: Video

“Brand new PSA released following the recent Amanda Bynes-related catastrophes. The time to act is now.” Official Comedy

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PETA’S Pro-Spaying / Neutering “Sex and the Kitty” PSA is Funny and Disturbing: Watch Video

  PETA’s pro-spaying/neutering ad shows animatronic cats doing what kitties who are left “intact” do—have sex, that is. Pledge to End Animal Homelessness HERE  

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April is STD Awareness Month: Brent Corrigan’s Oral Exam w/ Bonus Very NSFW PSA Video

April is STD Awareness Month Every year, the public health and medical communities recognize April as STD Awareness Month. This month-long observance provides individuals, doctors, and community-based organizations the perfect opportunity to address ways to prevent some of nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that occur in the United States each year. While

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Bad Idea Bears Hijack a Gay Hookup in New PSA “In Bed with Bears”: Video

Logo’s partnership with Avenue Q on a national campaign to create awareness surrounding HIV, the Tony-winning musical’s Bad Idea Bears hijack a gay hookup in the new PSA “In Bed with Bears.” “Don’t discuss your status, ditch the condoms, and hump like bareback bunnies,” is advice of the bad bears. The Bad Idea Bears add, “Because you know who gets HIV?

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Transgender Bathroom Laws PSA from Buck Angel Entertainment: Video

Ahhh my favorite man with a pussy, Buck Ange,l gives us 36 seconds of pleasure in this PSA on Transgender Bathroom Laws. Thanks Buck for always keeping it real! This Public Service Announcement show how absurd it would be if this law passed- The bill would require people to use public restrooms, dressing rooms or locker

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One Matt Damon, No Cup: Hysterical PSA For Water.org’s Mission to Solve the Water Crisis: Video

  Co-founder of Water.org, Matt Damon, held a press conference to make an enormous announcement: until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet, he’s on strike. But not from acting…Say no to toilets. Join Water.org in our mission to solve the water crisis, and support Matt’s strike by telling

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Ali Forney Center PSA with Mike Ruiz: Help Rebuild What Hurricane Sandy Destroyed

Our Drop-in Center has temporally relocated to the LGBT Center located at 208 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues). Our hours of operation are 10:00am-5:30pm and our phone number is 646.358.1755. Please donate to to help rebuild AFC’ drop in center that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy at this link. http://www.aliforneycenter.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.personalCampai…

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Sir Ian Mckellen Narrates Anti-Bullying PSA: Video

Sir Ian McKellen has helped produce a new video to combat anti-gay bullying in the UK. Throughout the clip, he highlights how LGBT youth are targeted for harassment and the consequences, such as the high rates at which they engage in self-harm or attempt suicide. The young people share some of their own experiences and

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PSA Supporting Gay Marriage Made by Bryan Cranston: Video

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, along with his wife Robin and daughter Taylor support marriage equality.


Watch Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus & Son Mingus’ Anti- Bullying PSA (Video)

  When Norman Reedus is not smashing in zombie brains on Walking Dead he is being an awesome role model to his son.  The 43-year-old actor recently made a PSA alongside his son Mingus for the anti-bullying documentary, titled Bully after which he attended a screening for the film as well. “It can be very scary to stand up to bullies….it’s scary to everyone,

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Child Safety PSA Spoof with a Dave Franco Full Frontal (Video)

Today we have a double dose of Dave Franco, brother of James. Hot off the success of his Funny Or Die videos  we mentioned earlier, “Go F*ck Yourself You’re So Hot”  and an upcoming role in 21 Jump Street, Dave Franco sat down with Complex Magazine to break down the rules for keeping your young ones


The Trevor Project PSA with Daniel Radcliffe [OFFICIAL]

“I’m Daniel Radcliffe and I believe that reaching out for help is the bravest thing a person can do. If you are struggling and need support, call The Trevor Lifeline at 1.866.488.7386. It’s free, confidential and trained counselors are there to listen 24/7 without judgment. To learn more about The Trevor Project’s lifesaving work for

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Asian Safer Sex PSA Targets US and Japan “You Can Still Cum, On My Tum Tum”

This safe sex PSA does not contain any new information, but the lyrics to the song are rib-ticking hilarious! American director Bryan Jackson collaborated with a group of Japanese artists to create a safer sex PSA. CalledLittle Taiko Boy, this short film is intended to be used in both the United States and Japan and

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Rachel Zoe, Featured in PSA For HIV Vaccine Awareness “Voices For A Vaccine” (Video)

A PSA spot aimed to raise awareness for a possible vaccine for HIV via real stories thru the faces of celebrities. We lose 2 million people annually to HIV/AIDS. We need to fund innovative approaches to HIV vaccine and therapeutic HIV vaccine research. Released just last night, Rachel Zoe stars in the HIV/Aids series “Voices for

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Short Film: “Gay is the Word” I’m Gay, As In Gay, Not Lame or Weak (Video)

A nervous gay lad tries to come out to his straight mates… but they just don’t understand what he’s trying to say. They think gay means lame, crap, weak or stupid… idiots! This short film, directed by Andy Heath, was made by staff and students from the University of Liverpool and was based on an


PSA of Day: Put Some Fun Between Your Legs (Photo)


PSA: You’re Not an Idiot


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4 Anti-Meth Videos From “Requiem for a Dream” Director Darren Aronofsky: Disturbing Meth Realness

One could argue that Requiem is the ultimate anti-drug PSA. (Some even argue that the director’s most recent hit, Black Swan, could be seen as an anti-ballet PSA, or at least an anti-Natalie Portman PSA.) So, when agency Organic and prodco Wild Plum were looking their next celebrity director to helm the camera for a new series of spots


PSA: Photo Message, Free Yourself Tattoo

Source: -photographyxo

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Jesus PSA Against Gay Marriage, FAIL

Jesus takes a stand against gay marriage. Find out more at www.homophobicjesus.com  

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Video:The Spectrum Center: “Huddle Up” Stand Up Against Anti-Gay Behavior

                  The Michigan Difference supports the appreciation and inclusion of all students. This PSA was made to help celebrate University of Michigan Spectrum Center’s 40th anniversary, and more than 110,000 people will be there to watch it. We Expect Respect – Give and Get it!

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Video PSA: Inaction Has Consequences- Combat Homophobia

Combat homophobia. Do something, it’s that simple. This PSA of bullying displays a typical case of  woulda-coulda-shoulda.

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PSA: Religion, It’s Like History Class Without the Facts

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PSA: Home is Where I can Poop for However Long I Desire

PSA for You Gym Bunnies, “Please Don’t Masturbate in the Showers”


PSA: Dad's Slutty New Shorts are Really a Bear Magnet"

PSA: Not Pants, Jeggings

Not pants never looked so good.

PSA: Smokey The Bear Song

This is the full version of this classic song. The original 78 (pictured) removed about a minute so it could fit. The 78 cover states that the artist is Johnny Jones and the Peter Pan Rangers however the record itself states that it is Dick Edwards with the Peter Pan Orchestra. Whichever it is, I

PSA: Homeless Youth & Eye Contact

PSA: Haters Gonna Hate

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PSA: Hugs Keep You Alive

Hugs keep us alive!

PSA: Bears Against Bigotry

PSA: Don’t Text and Drive You Asshole (there is no nice way to say that)

PSA of the Day: YouTuber Sean Symons says he spotted a teenager who was texting while driving and reported him to the police. He then whipped out his camera and pursued his car for a while as the teen continued to text unmindful of his surroundings, with lamentably predictable results. Don’t text and drive. (Also:

PSA: The Big Beard Always Goes First!

source: avantbear.tumblr.com

Fag, Nigger, Spic, Chink, Kike & Retard = “Not Acceptable” Choice Words; PSA

“Not Acceptable” is a powerful and compelling 30 second television PSA which gives voice to a variety of diverse communities each of whom expresses that it is not acceptable to call them by what were once common words, but are now recognized as offensive slurs. It culminates in actress and self-advocate Lauren Potter from “Glee”

PSA: Speeding Kills Bears; SF, CA Castro District

New sign spotted in San Francisco CA, Castro district. I have a feeling there is a message to read between the lines here about the use of the drug speed that runs rampant in our community; no scene left untouch, even Bears

PSA 5/15/2011 : Keep Things Simple