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New: Potpourri Of Pearls’ Badboy “Boyfriend” New Video Will Take You Down: Watch Here

All of Potpourri Of Pearls’ videos to date totally tickle me! “[The song is a] soap opera bad boyfriend narrative: You want him, want to save him, but he will destroy himself and take you down with him,” Brody told MTV News. “The bad boyfriend always brings flowers, but they are on fire. They are still […]

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New Music: Gay Jewish School Boys on a Sensual Journey – Potpourri of Pearls’ “Island”

“Jewish boys on a sensual journey – “Island” First video from Potpourri of Pearls’ forthcoming album – Out winter 2014 Synthpop group, Potpourri of Pearls from Philadelphia can be described as: “Since its inception, Potpourri of Pearls has been a union of distinctly different artists committed to common goals. Bate, Brody, and Allingham each have separate interests […]