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Gay Men Walk Holding Hands in Portugal & Get Very Different Response Than in Jerusalem | Video

First off, how adorable are these two! Very refreshing to see the social experiment of two men holding hands in public with a positive and hopeful turnout. One minus hate and anger. We saw what happened in Russia, Gay Couple Gets Punch, Kicked, and Pepper Sprayed for Holding on Hands in the Ukraine (Watch here) lorenzo […]

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NSFW Artsy Nudity: “Mates”: A Cross Between a Road-Trip in Portugal and a Summer Love Story: Video

Gritty, sexy and salty! A cross between a road-trip in Portugal and a summer love story. It is the junction of a poetic narrative with factual and personal elements. Julian is represented here as the “noble savage” of Rousseau: nature is his natural environment. Julian is like Adam, the embodiment of various myths created by […]