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Hair Ball of the Day: Naked Guy Fighting with White Garbage Bag Art

Hair Ball of the Day: Naked Guy Fighting with White Garbage Bag Art

  VIA pornceptual.com

Hair Ball of the Day: Tattoos and Lace

VIA www.dazeddigital.com

Hair Ball of the Day: Puppy Love

Puppy love will mean something totally different come Folsom Street Fair which is right around the corner. Source: hardtechno4ever

Hair Ball of the Day: Bearded Naked Man in Box Cradling Light Sphere

Photo by Erwin Olaf

Hair Balls of the Day: We’re Popeye the Quaker Men!

Source: beardedpassion

Hair Ball of the Day: Wicked Beard Profile and Sittable Nose!

Source: srtoro sittable: Referring to something you can sit on, esp something comfortable to sit on. Thank your Urban Dictionary 

Hair Ball of the Day: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Source: girlisonfire

Hair Ball of the Day: Ti-Grrrrr!

Source: acidcupcake

Hair Ball of the Day: Not Sure Whats Going On, But We Love It

Source: Flickr / frankcorrea

Hair Ball of the Day: Not Every Boy Wants To Be A Soldier

Source: thelunaticwindbag

Hair(less) Balls of the Day: Penis Heads Dressed up in Frocks, Gowns & More

Why not! Source: pervygirl

Hair Balls of the Day: Folsom Street Fair 2012 Poster a Potpourri of Skin


Hair Ball of the Day: Let’s Go For a Hike & a Swim!

  Model: Josh Dibble Photos: Jahn Hall

Hair Ball of the Day: It’s Hot and Sweaty Out and So is He

Source: kuchenbaeckerin

Hair Ball of the Day: White Afro, Purple Bushy Pecker

Love the word pecker! Source: fyeahyuripleskun

Hair Ball of the Day: Photographer Matthew Brindle (Photos)

“I am working on a book of male portraits, specialising in the odd, dark and magical side of life. I would like all ages, ethnicities and kinds of beauty, conventional and unconventional.” Find more on Brindle HERE If you would like to to model for please email your details and a clear photo of yourself

Hair Balls of the Day: 80’s Gay Porn Realness

Source: popularsizes

Hair Ball of the Day: Back Hair

transylvanianmisanthropy: ©Jill Greenberg

Hair Ball of the Day: Wet, Wild, Hairy and Soapy, Can We keep Him?

In honor of our interview series we have begun filming In the Tub, we give you this delicious morsel to chew on until we are ready to release them. Source: http://beard-power.tumblr.com/

Hair Ball of the Day: Things Bearded Hunks Do in Their Bedroom, Flex

Source: mixelangel

Hair Balls of the Day: Perfect Light, Flesh, Beards and Water


Hair Ball of the Day: Berlin Fashion Week Street Style :: Steffen Dietz


Weekly Rehash: Pogono-Files, Fight Fire in Drag, “Testimony”, Knitted Jock, Gay Bears at Beach Art, Bad Barbie, Hairy Guy in a Tutu…

News: Arts Group Has Transformed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Saga Into a Musical Show (Video) Fraternity Bros Wobble in Red Stilettos to Raise Awareness About Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Women (Video) Short Film: “Sunshine” An American Ad Producer in Shanghai (Watch Here) New Film: “What Do You Know?” 6 to 12 Year Olds

Hair Ball of the Day: Boys with Beards with Cats to the Sky


Hair Ball of the Day: An American Soldier and Kangaroo 1942

ID Number: 013225 Maker: John Earl (Earl) McNeil An American soldier at an advanced allied base, with his pet kangaroo Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions. This photograph is from the Australian War Memorial’s collection www.awm.gov.au

Hair Ball of the Day: In the Woods in Your Tightie-Whities with Tumblr Break Out Star of the Moment (NSFW)

If you have spent any time browsing adult-male-bearded-sleaze lately on Tumblr you may have come across the Tumblr named  Mustache Rides For All. This photo blog is not for the vanilla and all though it is filled with loads and loads of kink it’s got quite an artsy eye as well. For pages and pages

Hair Ball of the Day: Wounded

source : Man+Sex=Fashion

Hair Ball of the Day: Bear-d

Source: cronologia

Hair Ball of the Day: Giving Face

Source: thelordofthebeards

Celebrity Hair Ball of the Day: The Edible Bearded Michael C. Hall in a Scarf and Beanie

Bearded Michael C. Hall in a scarf and beanie at the “Silent House” premiere in New York City – March 6, 2012

Hair Ball of the Day: Sissydude Does Exclusive Photo Shoot Just for Accidental Bear

Get with the times and checkout sissydude.com. Often not NSFW but not always, be daring and live on the edge in your work cubicle. The site is by far one of the most unique joys of the Internet by far. Accidental Bear has had the pleasure of several lovely interactions with sissydude himself who also was featured

Underbear 2012 – Photobooth by Dirty Queer Magazine (Heaps of Photos!)

Words that always catch our readers attention: bear, underwear and photobooth. This making the recently published photographs on dirtyqueermag.com sure to be a major hit! On Wednesday 29 February it was time for another Underbear party with the Harbour City Bears at the Oxford Art Factory. We ran a photobooth again, and we really hope you enjoy these shots.

Weekly Rehash: Neo-Nazis of Brooklyn, “8”, Transactivations, MEAT Zine, ‘Andrew In Drag,’ Andrew Christian, Alan Cumming, Hal Sparks

Hairy Balls: click on image to go to link    Art & Music:  click on image to go to link Transactivations: LA Artists Use Their Bodies as Canvases to Defy Gender Norms (Video) Heather Cassils gained 24 pounds in muscle over six months for the sake of art. Zackary Drucker asked audience members to tweeze the

Male Model Benjamin Godfre :: Draped :: Editorial by Gabriel Gastelum Photography

We are blessed that photographer Gabriel Gastelum has brought more of Male Model Benjamin Godfre to our attention in this photo shoot editorial called “Draped.” I will need to remember this for next Thanksgiving when I am asked what I am Thankful for. I think last year I thanked “God’ for the internet. Enjoy this alluring Benjamin Godfre buffet,

Hair Ball of the Day: Rugged Tease

Source: ruggedlyhandsome

Hair Ball of the Day: Green Thumb in a Speedo Realness


Hair Ball of Day: Disheveled Bearded Gorgeous Red Head (11 Photos/ 1 Video)

Photos by Alessandro Maria Nacar www.alessandromarianacar.com  

Hair Ball of the Day: Wuvable Oaf Undies Model Matthew

“Our first undies model, Matthew, is serving FIERCE OAF REALNESS! And you can too, starting this Wednesday when Oaf Kitty Undies hit wuvableoaf.com. Also debuting at Image Comics Expo in Oakland, THIS WEEKEND!”  — with Wuvable Oaf Jadwiga.

Weekly Rehash: Eating Cats, Asian Safer Sex PSA, Dan Savage’s Arrest, Sandra Bernhard, Mondo Guerra, Jonny McGovern, Rejection Tutorial…

NEWS: Checking in with Drew Droege, Future Plans for Chloe, and a Quick Game of Mad Lib Keeping up with the fast paced entertainment world is like jumping onto a treadmill that is going full speed. We have an elite list of celebrities that we consider ‘our VIPs,’ that we like to keep a close eye

Hair Ball of the Day: Is That a Penis on Your Face?

Source: tete-a-queue made site friendly by Accidental Bear