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Naming and Conversation with Your Penis | New Steam Room Stories.com | Watch Video

Hey Dickhead! What’s your junk’s name? Penis names discussed in new in the Steam Room in new Steam Room Stories video. “Giving your penis a name isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s not something that many men discuss openly. In the new episode of Steam Room Stories, new cast member Charlie Merlo is surprised to […]

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Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) Chased by Man with Sock on His Junk at NY Gay Pride: Video

Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) told Conan while meeting friend, not knowing it was gay pride, in New York City’s West Side this past (pride) weekend that a Trekkie chased him down, yelling “Captain Kirk!” Trekkies are everywhere (FYI) and this one happened to be wearing nothing but a sock around his junk. Rumors are out […]

Hair Ball of Day

Sizzling Hot Club Promo Videos TROUGH X : Plug VII – Part 1 (NSFW Scruffy Video)

When did the hottest tickets in town actually become the video promos events? Videos and promos made by the talented  Nik Dimopoulos are some of the best made work I have seen. Exquisite taste in men, fantastic artist visions. The video posted below for TROUGH X : Plug VII  Party is NSFW which makes it all the better. […]

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Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco Nude: Royal Penis (NSFW)

Just a little creepy-stalker smut to hold you over this weekend. You’re welcome. Your Highness is packing! Well, he does not receive the HSH treatment but Pierre Casiraghi, younger son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and the late Stefano Casiraghi, grandson of the beloved Princess Grace is after all the third in line to the Monegasque throne so he has all […]

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Penis Tattoo Causes Permanent Erection For Iranian Man

Hey, we can’t always be serious up in here. Let’s talk about penis horror stories. A man who got a tattoo on his penis is now left with a permanent semi-erection, according to an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. As MSNBC’s The Body Odd reports, the 21-year-old Iranian man found himself between a rock […]

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Penile Fracture: Study Links Broken Penises To Infidelity

Penile fractures do exist! And to add a side order of shame to the mix, “half the patients admitted to fracturing their penises during an extramarital affair,”  According to the study, which was published last month, penile fracture occurs when the “tunica albuginea” — the fibrous membrane surrounding the tissue in the center of the […]

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STARRFUCKER ISSUE 4 is Available or Pre-Order Now: Queer Art Issue

StarrFucker Magazine is a printed homo/foto/art zine with penis. Created by Jeremy Lucido in 2005 Starrfucker started out primarily as an adult industry blog and resource. Now the brand also prints an erotic art magazine. StarrFucker Magazine is a printed homo/foto/art zine with penis. It is a branch of the Starrfucker brand, originally a gay […]