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NSFW | Fun Nude Shoot of Yaron by Netherlands Photographer Paul Sixta

Photographer Paul Sixta has shared with us this playful and nude shoot of Yaron. Mmm… to fall asleep in these arms. “Paul Sixta (Netherlands, 1979) graduated in 2003 from the Audio-Visual department at St. Joost Breda. Sixta works as a filmmaker and photographer. His films and video-installations were shown on festivals and museums worldwide and […]

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Andrej Pejic Goes Nude For “Vogue Brazil,” Naughty Bits Tucked Away

  Andrej Pejić is an Australian androgynous model of Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb background, and never fails to amaze me, in or out of clothes, mens or womens. Check out this great shot of Andrej Pejić, nude For “Vogue Brazil,” naughty bits tucked away, shiny nail polish featured, not much left to the imagination, except […]

Art Queer News

Nadav Kander Nudes: ‘Bodies’ Exhibit At Flowers Gallery In London: Photos

  First thought… I don’t think these lovely model’s bodies have ever seen the sun. Not a bad thing, I personally love pasty white. Second thought… Mmmm gingers. Huffington Post reports:   “In an age when airbrushing the naked body has become a photography standard, the works of Nadav Kander are absolutely refreshing. The Israel-born, UK-based artist […]

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‘Naked Before The Camera’ Explores Nude Photography At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art (PHOTOS, NSFW)

A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, titled, “Naked Before the Camera” explores the erotic relationship between the camera and the body. The tryst spans from 1850 to modern day in Europe and the United States, with appearances by photography all-stars including Félix Nadar (aka Gaspard-Félix Tournachon), Eadweard Muybridge, Man Ray, Irving Penn and Robert Mapplethorpe. The exhibition, comprised of […]

Art Queer News

Man Sits Naked in Locker Room and Knits Himself a Jock (NSFW / NUDITY)

The debate of, “What is Art” has always been a fascinating one filled with egos, attitude and pride. And the answer to the question doesn’t exist. Mixed-media artist  Ben Cuevas pushes the envelope with his nude-knitting jock strap in public stint. Ben’s Website said: The Jock Strap piece is another work in progress. For this project I sat nude […]

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“Dirty Laundry” with Underwear Designer Andrew Christian’s Soccer Team in States of Undress (Video)

I am going to take the words out of our mouth,”Why the fuck does this never happen to me?” Underwear superstar designer Andrew Christian has been making playful videos promoting his goods and the or love of the male physique. Just released today  Christian’s new video”Dirty Laundry,” a scenario we have all played out in our […]

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Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco Nude: Royal Penis (NSFW)

Just a little creepy-stalker smut to hold you over this weekend. You’re welcome. Your Highness is packing! Well, he does not receive the HSH treatment but Pierre Casiraghi, younger son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and the late Stefano Casiraghi, grandson of the beloved Princess Grace is after all the third in line to the Monegasque throne so he has all […]

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A Moment is Gay Flashback: Half Naked Men and Jane Russell at the Gym (Video)

In this moment of gay in time, a clip from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Jane Russell sings Ain’t There Anyone Here For Love, relevant to todays gay gathering holes as well. It is interesting to note that in the time this video was made 1953, the men appearing in film were looked at as macho men, today they […]