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Watch Paramore’s NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Sublime. Paramore’s After Laughter captures the moment between rapture and its comedown, the glitter wiped away, left with skin rubbed raw. It’s a record, more than a decade into the band’s career, that not only exposes the sparkling pop that’s always lit Paramore’s songs, but also deals with the ache of growing up and growing […]

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Fragile Rock: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

For just 15 minutes on a glorious spring day in Washington, D.C. — the town that birthed “emocore” three decades ago — National Public Radio became National Puppet Radio. Rarely has a news organization had this much fun. It was the real-life breakup of band leader Brently Heilborn that led to the formation of the […]

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Royal Thunder Visits NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert

  Mlny Parsonz’s bluesy belt has been the grounding force of Royal Thunder’s stirring hard-rock for almost a decade now, and on the band’s third album, Wick, the songs all knot and unravel with psychedelic power. True to its name, volume and a small army of effects pedals play a large role in Royal Thunder. […]

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Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts Are Amazing | Watch

Pat Benatar sounding amazing and Neil Giraldo, what a silver fox! by STEPHEN THOMPSON for NPR  “You know I wrote this for you, baby — you know that.” “Oh, yeah, sure.” Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo do mock-bickering as well as any long-married couple – which, of course, is exactly what they are. More notably, they’ve formed a […]


KCRW Presents: Hercules And Love Affair (Live Set)

  Hear The Full Session From KCRW How much do you love  DJ Andy Butler? He is the center piece for something very special. Hercules and Love Affair is an ever-evolving collective of performers and musicians, with DJ Andy Butler at its center.” Two diva-like singers, Shaun J. Wright and Aerea Negrot, handled vocal duties during the group’s Morning Becomes […]

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Handpicked News: 10 Things NPR Got Wrong, Bert And Ernie Shouldn’t Get Married, Right To Discriminate Against Gays, New Ape Overlords…

Bert And Ernie Shouldn’t Get Married Some folks have gotten together a petition on calling on Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie get married or for the show to add a transgender character. I’m not sure I have an opinion on the latter, but I’m pretty firmly against the idea that New York’s two most famous […]


What's Super Tall, Lanky and Gifted? Thurston Moore In Concert

The iconoclastic Thurston Moore has captivated audiences worldwide for nearly 30 years as a singer and guitarist for the pioneering noise-rock band Sonic Youth — and, more recently, as a solo artist. In this performance, Moore turns down the volume for an acoustic set of songs from his introspective new album, Demolished Thoughts. Moore is joined onstage by violinist Samara […]